It’s all about the strap on

Philip Stein BraceletDid I get your attention? Okay, perhaps that was a cheap joke but when it comes to buying a watch that can be worn for multiple occasions, the bracelet that you (forgive me) “strap on” is the primary feature that will provide you with true versatility. Which brings me to Philip Stein.

Philip Stein is a top tier designer of luxury watches that is perhaps best known for the technology behind all its collections, which they call “frequency technology” but I have also heard it referred to as Teslar. Regardless of its name, however, this technology puts the Philip Stein brand in two seemingly unrelated categories: Luxury timepiece and health product. The former category is a given but the latter designation is due to the fact that frequency technology Philip Stein utilizes apparently makes their watches help its wearers sleep, relax, and generally feel better.

But that said, the possible health benefits of Philip Stein watches aren’t really my concern. I care about style. Because as Billy Crystal used to say during his old Saturday Night Live days: “It’s better to look good than to feel good.” Which brings me back to Philip Stein’s wide variety of bracelets and straps for all of its timepieces. Aside from the quality mechanical features of their various watch collections and the “two watches in one” look of their dials, the best feature of Philip Stein collections is that you can buy one watch from them and pair it with as many different matching straps as you can afford. (And the good news is that the straps are rather inexpensive). So it is perfectly doable to buy a watch from Philip Stein’s Prestige Collection and pair it with three different straps: a pearl white strap, a red strap, and perhaps a stainless steel bracelet and voila, you have a watch for all seasons.

That’s right, in one blog I went from strap-ons to Fernando Lamas to A Man For All Seasons. It must be time for my nap.

Philip Stein Luxury Watches & the Wellness Biz — Recession Proof?

philipstein_herAs the global recession continues with much debate about when it will come to an end, many if not most industries are taking a major financial hit. And yet, the health and wellness business continues with many day spas reporting an increase in demand as well as an increased call for more massage therapists, yoga instructors and others involved in improving and maintaining mind-body health and wellness. Aside from day spas and health clubs, there are other segments of the wellness industry that are doing surprisingly well: the vitamin, supplement, and preventive health/health maintenance business are all holding their own in comparison to other industries that have been taking major economic hits over the past few months. But there is yet another business occupying a small niche of the wellness industry that is making its greatest profits since its inception: the category this niche falls into can be called “luxury wellness products.” And one of the most successful companies that makes and markets such products is Philip Stein, Inc, based out of Miami, Florida.

Philip Stein is best known for its lines of luxury watches that utilize “frequency technology” which is purported to reduce stress, aid in sleep, and improve the general sense of well being for its wearers. But aside from the physical and emotional health benefits of their timepieces, Philip Stein is very much dedicated to the luxury side of the luxury business, as their watch collections are being worn by the fashion and celebrity sets of the Americas as well as European countries.

The frequency technology utilized in Philip Stein watches uses the body’s electromagnetic fields via interaction with the naturally found frequencies of the earth. As it mimics the earth’s frequencies, it aids the body in naturally achieving a relaxed, calm, and meditative state.

But that is not the only use of frequency technology that Philip Stein has found. It is also using the same science to, of all things, make a better table wine.

Philip Stein’s latest product, the “Wine Wand” is their fastest growing one in terms of gross sales. When it was unveiled several months ago, it was promised to rapidly aerate wine so that it could reach its prime drinkable state in less than five minutes rather than the much longer process of decanting which can take half an hour to an hour to satisfactorily aerate a particular wine. The “Wine Wand” was an instant hit.

So despite the general downturn of the economy in general, it seems that is more than possible for a company to turn a profit, especially if it is in the business of making people look and feel better.

News About Philip Stein – “It’s All In The Wrist”

This is one of the best presents I have ever been given! When my fiancée gave me the Philip Stein watch I had been noodging him to get me, (it was from their Prestige Collection) I wore it every day and night for about a month. I definitely slept about 80%-90% better almost immediately and I loved the look of the watch as well but I was a little bit concerned that it wouldn’t wear as well at more formal functions.

But what I wasn’t aware of was that the same watch comes with many, many different straps and bracelets from fancy to casual. Now I don’t know anything about how a watch works. As far as I am concerned, if it keeps good time, that’s good enough for me. But fashion-wise, I am a little more keyed in. So on my own, I bought three more bracelets (and rather inexpensively off their website I might add) and I am happy I did. I feel like I own four different watches for any occasion that I’ll ever need it for.

Trust me, if you are thinking about getting a Philip Stein; get it with a few different straps. You will be able to wear it anywhere.