Fell For A Philip Stein Scam? What’s Next

philip_stein_teslar_watch_2Wow, now it seems that all we have to do is wear a particular watch and nearly all of our body’s ailments will begin to fall away. Assuming, of course, that we believe that so many of our ills are due to a chaotic state induced by daily bombardment from varying frequencies of electromagnetic fields and electrical impulses causing a state of imbalance in our physical bodies. Does this or does it not make sense? And just how willing are consumers to place their wallets on the line in order to experiment with exactly how much relief they might discover from wearing one of these expensive timepieces?
It is likely that less skepticism would abound if the stated solution to these electromagnetic faux pas were not so expensive, and thus so highly profitable to the individual who is marketing the product. But the fact is that Philip Stein is making a whole lot of money from his watches, which are being sold in impressive numbers based largely on their stated therapeutic health effects. The watches do look good, but their appeal goes far beyond esthetics as they are marketed largely from the standpoint of being a mind-body health product. Do they work? Maybe consumers have to try it themselves and decide what benefits there may actually be. Whether they are willing to pay so dearly in a depressed economy for an answer to that question remains to be seen.

Philip Stein Watches: How To Get The Right One For You

philip_stein_teslar_homeSeveral factors could come into play when deciding which Philip Stein watch is the right one for you. For instance, several outlets carry the Philip Stein line of Teslar technology watches, and all offer not only Stein’s own service guarantee but may also add their own personal guarantees or service contracts as well. When you are considering the purchase of a watch whose cost may be between $600 and $5,000, it makes sense to consider all the options.
If you DO purchase a Philip Stein watch, ideally it should be serviced by a jeweler with knowledge and experience with the technology it contains, but such providers are actually quite few. So consider this point when purchasing the watch, and ask if the retailer is able to service the watch or at least warranty its service through a knowledgeable provider. Also consider the initial cost of the watch itself and when you will likely wear the watch.
The benefits of Teslar technology are assumed to be cumulative, so it might not be a good idea to buy a watch that you only plan to wear on special occasions or when you get very dressed up. Ideally, a Philip Stein watch should be worn frequently to experience the positive effects of its technology, so this is important to think about when choosing the watch you will be comfortable with on a daily basis.
Overall, Philip Stein watches are an investment, not just a jewelry purchase, so make your choice wisely.

Teslar Scams Are Everywhere: Be Sure Of What You’re Getting

5808715 Oh boy, hold onto your hats and break out the icepacks for your flaming-hot earlobes because Les Jenkins has something to say about Philip Stein’s Teslar technology watches. Citing that there is absolutely no medically proven list of effects on the human body from electromagnetic fields or impulses (about which he seems to be correct, as I couldn’t find any documented research studies upon which either the AMA or the FDA were willing to place their stamp of approval), Mr. Jenkins slams Philip Stein as being a purveyor of a snake oil remedy that is over-priced and downright exploitive of those with money to burn and/or not enough sense to realize when they are being fed a line of nonsense. Assuming that frequency technology actually IS nonsense, of course.
The point remains that numerous wearers swear they experience positive effects when wearing the watch, and a return of negative effects if they stop wearing the watch. Can these subjective reports be ignored simply because they are not backed by the FDA, funded by the U.S. Government, or the AMA, funded as a support group for American medical professionals who make their living by holding the definitive opinion on all things medical in the U.S.? Perhaps these two agencies are not the best to decide the legitimacy of a heretofore lightly researched phenomenon. Perhaps consumers should let the facts eventually speak for themselves. The old adage “If it feels good, do it” just might be appropriately applied here.

Learn More About Frequency Technology And Philip Stein Watches

psteinUnsure what all the hubbub is about when it comes to Teslar technology and the Philip Stein watch craze? It’s all here for the viewing, with simple explanations of how Teslar technology and frequency therapy are supposed to work. Essentially, we are talking about electrical impulses that occur constantly in our environments and within our own bodies, but which actually clash with each other when we are exposed to a variety of them as we are on a daily basis. The result is said to be a state of unrest, possibly leading to other health problems or weaknesses.
Teslar technology is said to counteract these negative effects by “clearing” the bombardment of these numerous electromagnetic fields by re-setting the body’s natural rhythm balanced to the earth’s own electromagnetic field. Sound complicated? Well, the science of it may be somewhat daunting, but the testimonials from wearers of these watches continue to pour in. Wearers indicate improvements in everything from sleep quality to physical energy, with a reduction in everything from chronic pain to anxiety attacks. Is it possible that wearing a particular timepiece can actually bring about these extraordinary benefits? It appears so, as the random testimonials come from consumers with nothing to gain by shading the truth.
Simply stated, Philip Stein may be onto something here. Perhaps informed consumerism is the key to the whole issue, as individuals do the research for themselves and then decide whether to give it a try.

Philip Stein News: New Watches Are Worth Waiting For

philipstein_159x182The new Philip Stein watches are here, and lo and behold they both come in with a price tag less that $1,100! With prices for a Philip Stein watch ranging upwards of $5,000, it is refreshing to see that the two newest additions to his collection are priced in the lower ranges. Both are a stainless steel lace case, one with diamond chips and one without. Both are elegant and attractive, definitely eye-catching but not gaudy or over-stated.
For a consumer interested in a beautiful watch, they already have much to offer. However, these watches come with the up-and-coming Teslar technology designed to balance the body’s electromagnetic fields and enhance physical health, while enabling the wearer to stay right on time as well.
Teslar technology is not actually new, but was promoted over thirty years ago by an inventor who named the technology after a fellow inventor. Philip Stein has worked wonders in developing the technology and making it available simply by placing it inside a piece of jewelry that most people wear…a watch. Of course, the technology raises the price of each watch above that of an ordinary timepiece, but when the effects are increased health, relaxed frame of mind, and greater endurance, the cost may prove to be well worth it.

Don’t Fall For One Of The Teslar Scams

philip-steinPhilip Stein is a leader in mind-body awareness and wellness, thanks to his promotion of his watches that employ Teslar technology. This technology was originally researched and developed by an inventor by the name of Andrija Puharich in the early 1970’s, and named after Nikola Tesla, hence the term “Teslar.”
Puharich’s research was based on the premise that the human body suffers unbalancing effects due to constant bombardment with electromagnetic forces, which could be counteracted with appropriate measures to bring harmony back to the body and thus avoid or decrease these harmful effects.
Philip Stein’s watches employ this same technology, with the Teslar chip emitting an electromagnetic pulse between seven and nine times per second. This pulse mimics the earth’s naturally-occurring electromagnetic field and aids the body in balancing itself to its normal rhythms. Many wearers of the watches express an improved sense of well-being, better sleep, and a decrease in discomfort due to chronic injuries or degenerative health problems. If all of this is true, then a simple solution to many physical ailments may be to wear a Philip Stein watch! Perhaps meditation classes, biofeedback, and relaxation techniques will give way to expensive timepieces built to enhance physical health. Time will tell…pardon the pun.

Frequency Technology: Features And Benefits

5385024What are the benefits of using frequency technology? According to researches, healers, and therapists, the body maintains wellness when it is resonant with the frequency of the earth, which is between 7-9Hz. Modern life with its many technological conveniences brings us disruptions in the way of pressure, stress, and disturbances. This can alter our frequency and take us out of the optimum wellness range.

Frequency technology restores and improves the natural flow of energy in our bodies which gets disrupted by environment, pressures and stress of modern life. Single Frequency Technology, or SFT, uses two chips simultaneously which create a frequency from between 7-9 Hz. Multiple Frequency Technology uses an alloy disc programmed with multiple natural frequencies in addition to the 7-9 Hz range.

By utilizing frequency technology on a regular basis, it is possible to keep the body in alignment with the natural frequency of the earth, which researches, therapists and healers believe the human brain and body function most efficiently. This leads in many cases to lower stress levels, better sleep, and an improved sense of well-being. Some who suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia report lessened symptoms of pain and anxiety, and migraine sufferers report a reduced number of migraines, as well as a reduced level of headache.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or, like most, have stress and pressure in your life, frequency technology can help you feel better.

Philip Stein Watches: Reviews And Scams

phillip-stein-teslar-watchIn addition to being a stylish timepiece, Philip Stein Watches use a Teslar chip to emit a frequency which strengthens the body’s electromagnetic field, and protects the body from external electromagnetic fields. Doctors have given support to the watch. The Philip Stein company claims the watch gives such benefits as better sleep, more energy, better stress management, and a calm feeling. What does it really do?

One person received the watch as a gift and wore it every day. They claim their migraines, which were terrible and happened once a week, almost completely vanished. They later were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and had insomnia, pain, stress/anxiety, and these are all symptoms the Philip Stein Teslar watch is supposed to help with. Wearing the watch regularly, this person reports feeling generally better. Their fibomyalgia is not cured, and they still have insomnia, but they feel better.

It is a cure for said health problems, but perhaps a way to manage the body that helps with the disease, and as chronic disease sufferers will tell you, any improvement is worth it. It could be said the results vary person to person, and many users of the watch claim to experience its benefits.

Shopping For A Philip Stein Watch? Read Some Reviews First

389675d73c679a9f2775087d8a4fc930When thinking about buying a new watch, there are many things to consider, but add to that something called Frequency Technology in the Philip Stein Teslar watch, and you have a whole new choice to make. Philip Stein includes in their Teslar watch “Frequency Technology” which they claim helps people handle stress, sleep better, and have a better sense of well being.

The technology generates a zero-point waveform pulsing at 7-9Hz, which is the frequency of Planet Earth. This, according to doctors, alternative healers, yoga practitioners, therapists, and the like, is the frequency within which the body is best suited for optimum performance.

What are people saying about the watches? In addition to celebrity endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Samuel Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Madonna, many people find the watches a welcome addition to their lifestyle. One user claims that their busy work life which leads to exhaustion no longer leaves them feeling exhausted, and they recover much quicker from the tired feeling associated with working non stop. They also claim that their eyes do not get as tired as they used to. Some users claim that they sleep better at night, from a better managed and lower level of stress. Others claim that symptoms of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, are greatly reduced. Still others claim that their migraine headaches are much less in strength and in frequency. Whatever the case, people are finding positive results from the Teslar watch.

My Philip Stein Watch Really Works!

fake5There has been some controversy over the claims by Philip Stein that their Frequency Technology watches give the user better health. This controversy is further fed by the fact that some people feel the effects, while others do not. What is it that is happening for the people who swear by them?

One user claims they can “burn the candle at both ends” without feeling exhausted, that they recover from over work much quicker, and that his eyes no longer get really tired. Overall he says he feels better. Another user has stated that her fibromyalgia pain is lessened, and that her migraine headaches have lessened in strength, and in frequency. Many people have suggested that the sense of well being normally associated with being in nature comes to them when they are in a situation where normally they would be feeling stressed. Some people claim to sleep better and have a sense of calm.

Although there are naysayers who claim that the frequency technology claims are false and that there is no way that a watch can deliver such a feeling, the people who use and like the watches are strong supporters of the watches and the technology. Whatever the case, it can be said that those who use them and love them believe that they really work.