Check out the First-Ever Single Movement Collection of PHILIP STEIN® Watches

The Philip Stein Company has become synonymous with mind/body wellness through the integration of natural frequency technology into their luxury watch collections.  Their timepieces are known for balancing the flow of energy in the wearer’s body, thereby reinventing the luxury watch. 

Using their patented “frequency technology”, the Philip Stein Company embeds a chip into every watch which emits the same frequency that is associated with calmness and harmony with the earth.  By aligning with these frequencies and adjusting the body’s electromagnetic field, wearers of Philip Stein watches report an improved sense of well-being, energy and relaxation.  Many famous Philip Stein fans, including Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, swear by Philip Stein watches, saying they now get a more restful sleep, feel less anxiety, and are less likely to suffer from jet lag. 

In this high-stress world we live in, excitement is high about Philip Stein watches.  Two new collections, the Classic and the Active, are now available in beautiful styles for men and women.  Attractively priced and starting at just $400, these single-movement timepieces incorporate all the best qualities of Philip Stein’s higher priced collections, but target a much broader audience for these revolutionary timepieces. 

Philip Stein watches have received a lot of valuable media attention recently, twice appearing on Oprah’s list of “Favorite Things” and also featured on CNN, the View, and E! Entertainment News. 

Add this to your Philip Stein Wish List!

When it comes to ladies luxury watches, I’ve seen my share of incredibly glamorous ones in the stores of Fifth Avenue, the shops on the Champs-Elysees, and the jewelry havens in the Caribbean.  But the one that recently caught my eye was on display at Neiman Marcus.  It’s from the Prestige Collection by Philip Stein, and it is to die for! 


Double diamond case, infinite white pave diamond dial, dual time-zone face, and a Python Glamour Gold Dust strap.  And as if that wasn’t fabulous enough to look at, Philip Stein ladies watches (and men’s too) come with the patented natural frequency technology that makes you “feel good” when you where one. 


Frequency technology is the science behind the tiny chips embedded into every Philip Stein watch, each emitting a natural frequency that brings your body back into harmony with nature.  Consider this:  You just took a red-eye flight to LA, and didn’t sleep a wink.  Normally, if you needed to be at your best, this would cause fatigue, anxiety and crazy sleeping patterns – also known as jet lag.  Not when you are wearing a Philip Stein watch.  These watches are designed to change the electromagnetic field around your body, block out “electronic pollution”, and bring you back into a calm meditative state, despite your surroundings. 

So now not only can you look glamorous and sexy in your new Philip Stein Double Diamond timepiece, you can feel just as incredible as you look.  So ladies… what are you waiting for?  Stop at your nearest Philip Stein retailer and ask to see the Prestige Infinite White Pave Diamond watch.  You won’t regret it.

Ladies: Take a stress vacation without leaving home!

With the down economy, a lot of people are cutting back on all the fancy vacations this year, and while this may help save some money, it can really cause stress to build up – especially for women.  If you add all the “electronic pollution” being emitted from computers, cell phones, electronics and microwaves, it isn’t hard to imagine the body being on stress overload. 

The good news is, Philip Stein watches, also known as the “feel good” watches, have the ability to inhibit stress by bringing the body’s natural electromagnetic field back into balance.  Being in “balance” means the body is naturally moved to a 7-9Hz frequency through the alpha wave signals emitted by Philip Stein watches.  This is the same frequency that brings the mind and body into harmony with nature, which explains why the wearer feels the effect of peace and tranquility. 

Fans of Philip Stein watches find that by wearing one of these timepieces, they can experience much deeper sleep, better concentration, less anxiety, resistance to jet lag, and higher energy.  It is refreshing to know that a watch has the power to do this. 

Celebrities and business leaders everywhere have been singing the praises of Philip Stein’s frequency technology.  Not only are these watches extraordinarily beautiful and stylish, the quantum chip will make them one of your most prized possessions.  So even when your budget won’t allow for a relaxing Mediterranean cruise, a Philip Stein watch can make you feel like you’ve just returned from a spa – every time you wear it.

The Philip Stein Wind Wand helps you Start the Weekend Early!

Any wine aficionado will tell you, once you get into the habit of letting wine “breathe” before drinking it, you will never go back.  This means that whether a serious wine lover opens a bottle of Chianti to go along with an Italian meal or that coveted bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, they must wait the appropriate amount of time – sometimes up to three hours – before they can drink it.  Not so fast…

Thanks to the Philip Stein Wine Wand, the breathing process has been forever altered, meaning the long wait is no longer required.  Harnessing the electromagnetic frequency technology used in Philip Stein watches, a groundbreaking discovery has made it possible to aerate a bottle of wine in minutes. 

When a new bottle of wine is first opened, it has been without air for a very long time and needs to “breathe” to find proper harmony with its environment.  The aeration process rids the wine of alcohol vapors, tannins and sugars, while reducing the acidity produced by fermentation.  Normally, this requires time, but now with the Philip Stein Wine wand.  By replicating the natural frequency present in oxygen, the elegant wine wand releases the wine’s natural flavors to achieve its fullest potential. 

With the elegant and stylish wine wand in your pocket, there is no need to wait for your wine.  You can let the weekend begin right away!

The Philip Stein Wine Wand is now available at fine retailers everywhere, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Fred Segal Melrose.  Retail pricing starts at $325 (travel size) and $525 (bottle size).  Visit for more information.