Philip Stein – A Leader in Luxury on the Move

PHILIP STEIN® is the recognized leader in watches and other luxury lifestyle products, all of which employ proprietary natural frequency technology. After seven years of unprecedented growth in the luxury watch market, the company has become notorious for their commitment to innovation and quality.  Not only do they offer a superior product using natural frequencies to repel stress, they have also attracted quite a celebrity following.  Since their launch in 2002, Oprah has twice included Philip Stein watches on her list of “favorite things” and notable fans also include Madonna and Rupert Murdoch.

A pioneer in the study and practical application of natural frequency technology, Philip Stein is now creating a “concept store”, set to open this fall in Cozumel, Mexico.  A magnet for well-heeled tourists, Cozumel offers the ideal locale for presenting Stein’s concept of well-being and luxury in a new, exciting way. 

As a Philip Stein “convert” myself, I can personally attest to the life-changing effects of wearing an embedded natural frequency disk on my wrist.  I’ve been wearing one for over three months now, and have reaped enormous benefits thus far.  Not only am I able to focus better on work, I also sleep more soundly and feel calm, even on the most stressful days. 

With my consistent travel schedule, wearing a Philip Stein watch has helped me to reduce the effects of jet lag, feel rested and relaxed, and better deal with prolonged delays at the airport.  Before I started wearing one, I remember it would take me days to fully recover from a long trip, but now that I sleep better, I am at my best the very next day, ready to take on new challenges, intense workloads, and challenging problems. 

With the travel demands of my occupation, at times in the past I had trouble getting consistent and adequate amounts of sleep. Consequently my body wasn’t able to optimally recover following my daily activities and strenuous training. Since wearing the watch however, once I hit the bed I’ve been falling asleep sooner and able to sleep throughout the night. With so many of the body’s recovery mechanisms occurring during sleep, the deeper sleep I am able to get helps me feel my very best the following day; ready to endure the challenges, stress, intense workouts, and travel demands.

A Toast to the Early Success of Philip Stein Watches

 It’s hard to believe that a company that started only seven years ago is already as successful as the Philip Stein watch company.  Since 2002, owners Will and Rina Stein have been creating beautiful timepieces that relax the body and mind.  Through the use of innovative natural frequency disks, embedded in the watches, the timepieces they design are strikingly different than any other watch.  Natural frequency technology improves the flow of energy in people’s bodies while wearing a Philip Stein watch. Fans of Philip Stein watches believe this really works, because they can feel the results.

A single frequency timepiece utilizes two chips, both of which interact with the electrical impulses of the batter and the magnetic field of the watch to create a harmonious frequency.  This natural, earthbound frequency is what makes people feel better while wearing the watch.  It is known to make people sleep better, relax more deeply and have an overall sense of well-being. 

Olympic athletes swear by these watches when they see the improvements in their performance.  Celebrities like Simon Cowell, Oprah, Isaiah Washington and Madonna all sing the praises of Philip Stein.  While the brand itself is still relatively new, it hasn’t taken long for word to get around about the power of Philip Stein watches, and their following continues to grow despite the global recession.

If you are looking for a therapeutic, stress relieving piece of fine jewelry, then look no further than the beautiful creations of Will and Rina Stein.  When it comes to style and substance, they know how to close the deal. 

The Philip Stein Prestige Collection – Swiss Watch Making at its Best

The Philip Stein Prestige line now offers Swiss-made perfection along with cutting-edge frequency technology.  Precision Swiss quartz movements add to the distinctive design of these fabulous timepieces. 

Like all other Philip Stein watches, the Prestige collection is embedded with the natural frequency technology that balances the body’s bio-field, improving overall health and well-being.  By replicating the natural frequency of the earth (7-9 MHz), the natural frequency disk helps the wearer deflect the radical frequencies that are present in our everyday lives.  Electronic pollution from computers, PDAs, iPods, cell phones and microwaves can disrupt the natural balance in our bodies, inviting stress and poor sleeping patterns.  By wearing a Philip Stein watch, these negative frequencies are repelled.  The net result is a calmer, more meditative state that invites serenity and peace of mind.

The new case being shown in the Prestige collection is available in highly polished stainless steel or rose gold.  The women’s models also include miniature pave diamond bezels and mother-of-pearl dials. 

Men’s watches in this collection are elegant, yet sporty, featuring triple layered dials with luxurious detailing.  All of these timepieces are available with a wide selection of interchangeable straps and bracelets, in a variety of colors and textures. 

Launched seven years ago, the Philip Stein watch company has made watch making history by being the first to include integrated frequency-based technology in a luxury timepiece.  Thanks to the excitement generated over this innovative technique, the company soon received numerous accolades from the press and notable celebrities. 

Philip Stein Has Your Secret Weapon for Stress

In case you’ve ever wondered how some people never seem to get “ruffled”, even when their lives seem to be more stressful than yours, it is possible they have a secret weapon. 

Some “secret weapons” against stress include deep breathing, Zen meditation, a good night’s sleep, and regular exercise, but often these are just not enough.  Stress has become one of the biggest public health problems in America today, and it the current economic crisis isn’t making things better.  But other than avoiding the evening news, exercising, sleeping more and practicing relaxation techniques, sometimes we all feel like we could use a mental vacation.

Wearing a natural frequency watch from Philip Stein can be just the elixir for combating our everyday stresses.  This method of relaxation requires zero effort on your part, but it can have more impact than anything else you do.  Why?  Because Philip Stein has figured out a way to defuse negative frequencies that are present in our bio-field and replace them with the harmonious frequencies, found naturally in the earth. 

While it may sound incredibly “new age”, and even a little bit hokey, you can’t argue with proven science.  Studies have shown that after wearing a Philip Stein natural frequency watch, people feel calmer, sleep better and have an overall sense of well-being.  Becoming more closely aligned with these 7-9MHz frequencies can even combat jet lag and improve concentration, allowing us to be everything that nature intended us to be. 

So, why are you sitting here reading this?  Go out and get yourself a genuine Philip Stein watch, and start feeling better today. 

Time to Get Back to Nature

Sometimes we get so entrenched in our daily lives that we forget our roots.  Most of us are so caught up in the craziness of day-to-day living, keeping up with email, checking our iPhones, staring at a computer screen and dealing with rush hour traffic, that we rarely take time to slow down.  Then, when we do slow down, we don’t know how to relax and enjoy the slower pace.  This is because our energies and electromagnetic “bio-fields” are out of whack, and are fighting an uphill battle against electronic pollution and stress.  So, how do we get “back to our roots” you may ask? 

While a number of deep breathing exercises can work to cam frazzled nerves, and meditation is known to give practitioners inner peace, none of these can work for us around the clock, every day.  However, a Philip Stein Teslar watch can bring your body into balance with nature, through exposure to the natural frequencies found in the earth.  These harmonious frequencies interact with your bio-field and bring you back to a more relaxed and meditative state. 

Not only do Philip Stein watches feel great, they also look terrific.  Choose from a variety of oval dual-time zone styles and round chronographs, all available in a dizzying array of colorful, textured straps.  With a Philip Stein watch, you can begin to feel more at ease, sleep better and bounce back quickly from common stressors.  So strap on a Philip Stein watch, and go tackle the world, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. 

What’s the Buzz about Frequency Technology?

If you are looking for a simple explanation of frequency technology, the groundbreaking discovery that has made Philip Stein watches such an amazing success, look no further.  After consulting with the scientists responsible for the original Teslar technology found in Philip Stein watches, I am happy to report that the technology behind these watches, while fascinating, is really quite simple.

Electromagnetic frequency technology using electromagnetic fields, was first introduced in 2003.  Five years later, in 2008, natural frequency technology was introduced.  Both of these discoveries work with the same key frequency of 7-9 MHz, which has proven to be the most ideal frequency because it is the chief resonant frequency emitted by the earth.  It is also the most grounding and harmonious frequency for earth’s life forms. 

An important difference between the two methods electromagnetic and natural frequency technology is the system of delivery.  While one uses electromagnetic frequencies using a dual-chip method, the other is delivered via a metal disk that has been infused with these key frequencies, using a proprietary process. 

Exposure to this natural frequency has caused test subjects to get a better night’s sleep, experience less stress, focus more clearly, and enjoy better concentration on tasks.  Philip Stein was the first, and is still the only watch maker to incorporate the use of this science in wrist watches.  When worn on the wrist, the watches expose these new frequencies and energies to the bio-field of the person wearing it, thereby regulating the body’s functions and causing it to relax.  In so doing, Philip Stein watches make the body more resistant to stress, more centered and grounded.  When you are more in harmony with the earth, it is much easier to stay focused, sleep better and remain calm in stressful situations. 


Stress Affects Young People Too – Send them to college with a Philip Stein Bracelet

Everyone has their reasons for not buying a new watch, even if the watch is gorgeous and it is tempting.  My best friend’s reason is that she wears her mother’s vintage Cartier watch, which reminds her of her mom every time she looks at it.  The kids don’t usually wear one, even if you give them a beautiful one for Christmas.  Maybe it’s just not cool any more – I don’t know, I didn’t get the memo!  Overworked businessmen, who spend most of their day staring at a Blackberry, probably know what time it is more than those who wear a watch.  And some people won’t give you a reason – they just don’t wear one. 

So what do you do, if like me, you want your friends and family to experience the health benefits of Philip Stein watch?  You know the natural frequency technology really works, you can feel it!  You want everyone you know to get the stress reducing benefits, a better night’s sleep, calmer nerves and more focused concentration.  But you just cannot get them to wear the watch. 

Thank fully, I found a solution at the new Philip Stein boutique.  It is the Philip Stein bracelet.  Just like the famous watches, the bracelets are embedded with a natural frequency-emitting disk.  They are stylish and beautiful, yet minimal enough to be worn anywhere. 

So before you send you kids off to college, to deal with late night study sessions, difficult professors, annoying roommates and lack of sleep, consider getting them a Philip Stein bracelet.  It will be the best gift you ever gave them, and who knows, they may start a trend on campus!


A Magic Wand for a Dull Economy?

Despite the growing popularity of Philip Stein’s natural frequency watches, another luxury product is gaining in popularity this year.  It is Philip Stein’s new Wine Wand.  While the watches encourage the body to imitate the natural, harmonious frequencies embedded in the watch’s chip, the wine wand acts on similar principles.  Instead of imitating earthbound frequencies to impact the body’s bio-field, the wine wand imitates the properties, or frequencies, of oxygen to aerate wine. 

Why wait until oxygen naturally causes wine to breathe when you can infuse the properties of oxygen directly into wine with the wine wand?  Instead of waiting hours for wine to aerate, it can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  A more flavorful, aromatic table wine waits, promising to bring a bottle of wine to its most drinkable state in about five minutes.  Among wine connoisseurs, sommeliers, restaurateurs and gourmets, the wine wand has become an instant “hit”. 

Even during an economic slowdown, it is possible for a company with the right idea to turn a profit, especially when it is in the business of making people’s lives easier and less stressful. 

The next time you need to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list, consider the Philip Stein wine wand.  They are available in two sizes, and come with a variety of luxurious cases.  For a list of stores where the wine wand can be found, check out the Philip Stein web site at, or ask about the wine wand wherever Philip Stein watches are sold. 

Already have a favorite watch? Try a Philip Stein Bracelet

You may already be aware of Philip Stein’s one-of-a-kind watches, also known as “feel good” watches, but most people don’t know that Philip Stein’s patented Teslar® technology is also available in bracelet styles.  Whether you choose a silk-wrapped steel, lizard, stainless steel, ostrich or alligator leather, these bracelets are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.  Available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, or wherever Philip Stein watches are sold, these classy cuffs not only look great, they will also make you feel terrific.

The secret that makes Philip Stein’s bracelets so appealing is a tiny integrated frequency-technology disk, which is commonly known as a Teslar® chip.  Just like their famous timepieces, each Philip Stein bracelet is embedded with frequencies that replicate the earth’s natural balance.  By bringing the wearer a sense of relaxation and overall health, and has also been known to relieve migraines, create relaxation, and improve job performance.

By eliminating the extra low frequency “electronic pollution” that disturbs the body’s natural balance, these bracelets can help to balance the wearer’s electromagnetic energy flow.  This electronic pollution comes from regular exposure to cell phones, computers, and electronics that we use in our everyday lives, and Teslar® has developed a way to combat these pollutants by adjusting our “frequency” back to reflect the natural balance of the earth’s natural frequency.

Steer Clear of Philip Stein Knockoffs!

Just like any other luxury brand, the more popular it gets, the more likely it is that people will try to imitate it.  After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?  Well, not in the case of Philip Stein watches.  While it may look a lot like the original, it is never a good idea to buy replicas of Philip Stein watches. 

Not only is the craftsmanship inferior to the real thing, and the materials used unlikely to stand up to the test of time, a Philip Stein replica will not offer the key ingredient that makes these watches so special.  The embedded natural frequency disks found in Philip Stein’s watches are what makes them one of the most sought-after watches in the world.  Take that out, and they are just a nice-looking watch.

If you buy a fake Philip Stein watch, it is likely a scam, because most replica dealers will claim that the fake watches also contain frequency technology.  Not so.  No one is able to offer Philip Stein’s patented frequency technology except the company who bears the patent.  A fake one won’t make you feel any better than you have in the past, because it doesn’t really contain the technology that Philip Stein offers.  Not only will you be disappointed in how the watch works against stress (it doesn’t), you will likely feel even more stressed when your wrist turns green and the metal starts to tarnish.

Buy a genuine Philip Stein watch, and you will experience all the high quality and lasting benefits that the brand has to offer.  To be sure you are dealing with an authorized retailer who sells the “real thing”, always check first on the Philip Stein website ( or call their customer service department for more information.