Peace, Love and a Philip Stein Watch

Whatever happened to the peace-loving generation of the sixties?  Life seemed so much simpler then, but in reality our country was dealing with a different set of problems.  Even the seventies and eighties seemed a lot less stressful than our world today.  Some will say it’s the post-9/11 era, and our insatiable greed in this country that has caused so much anxiety.  Living through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression doesn’t help either.  But even with all the bad news we hear about today, people in America just don’t seem to be as joyful and optimistic as they once were.  Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed we’re a lot less satisfied with life than we were a few decades ago. 

That’s when I started hearing a lot about the impact of low-level electromagnetic fields on our health, and how our exposure to computers, cell phones and countless other electronics is causing undue stress on our bodies.  At first I was a bit skeptical about whether this could be true, because I’ve always believed we are fairly resilient creatures, but scientists are showing real concern over this trend. 

The Philip Stein watch company was aware of this long before the first news reports about the detrimental effects of cell phones.  Their Teslar watches debuted in 2002 to wide critical acclaim, because their patented frequency technology has such a positive impact on the health of the wearer.  

Teslar watches work by emitting the same frequency that is present when the earth is in its most natural and harmonious condition.  This is also the frequency that exists in the human brain when it is in a relaxed and meditative state.  A new electromagnetic field is created around the wearer, which actually repels electronic “pollution” and its negative effects and promotes an overall sense of well being.

We may never go back the peace loving days of the sixties, the disco days of the seventies (thank God), or the optimism of the eighties and nineties, but by wearing a Philip Stein watch we can feel as if we had.  Just be sure you buy a genuine Philip Stein Teslar watch, not a replica, or you could be a victim of a Teslar scam.

How can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein watch?

If you’ve been paying attention to the “buzz” about Philip Stein watches, you may already know that the company has been dealing with a number of bloggers who claim the watches are nothing but a “Teslar scam”.  Some of these web sites even say that Philip Stein no longer uses a “Teslar chip”.  This has caused a number of inquiries with the company from people who feel they might have been scammed too. 

So, how can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein?

Well, first of all you probably spent a fair amount of money on it.  You either purchased it from a Philip Stein boutique, or from a high-end retailer like Neiman Marcus.  The Philip Stein web site provides a list of authorized retail locations, so if the store where you bought yours isn’t listed, then it is probably a fake. 

Your watch will say Philip Stein on the dial.  If the words “Water Resistant” are on your watch, then it is definitely not a real Philip Stein watch. 

A real Philip Stein Teslar watch will have a small clasp that allows for an easy switch of watchbands.  It will not have the standard pins that most watches use.  If you see pins instead of a clasp, your watch is definitely a replica.

Finally, if your watch is genuine it will have two chips embedded into the case.  Surrounding these chips will be the words “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see these words on your chips, you don’t have the real thing. 

Don’t be fooled by all the Philip Stein Teslar scam web sites.  They are obviously written by people who have purchased a replica watch and feel they are being scammed by the company.   While it is true they were scammed, they should be aiming their criticism at the replica watch retailer where they purchased it, not the Philip Stein watch company. 

Now you know.  Spread the word!

The Science behind Philip Stein Teslar Watches

If you read my blog here regularly, you will know that I’ve recently become a fan of Philip Stein watches and frequency technology.  I’ve written a lot about how frequency technology works, how electronics effect our electromagnetic fields, and why Philip Stein Teslar technology is an effective way to fight off stress.

When I read the “Teslar scam” sites, I have to laugh at their lack of information about frequency technology and the science behind it.  It is obvious they have not done their homework on the science behind Philip Stein watches, so I thought I would do my best to explain how it works, based on recent scientific research.

When a Philip Stein Teslar watch is place on a magnetometer, it is shown to generate a frequency emission of 7 to 9 hertz.  This oscillation, which actually imitates the earth’s 7.83 natural frequency, is the accepted scientific measurement as stated by researchers at UC Berkeley’s Seismology lab. 

By exposing oneself to this frequency, which generates sensations of well-being and peacefulness, the body is instructed to perform in the same way it would have before electricity and other man-made factors were such a huge part of our world.  Because the signal is continuously interactive and stimulating, the body is consistently realigned and balanced throughout the day. 

During scientific testing, the Philip Stein Teslar chip generated a digital numeric readout that showed how the period of oscillation created a new electromagnetic field.  Using a sensor and a Faraday cage, test subjects were able to demonstrate the conductive energy being released by the watch, which was also measured by the magnetometer at 7-9 Hz.

Even those subjects who were particularly good at relaxation techniques, such as meditation, were able to reduce the level of frequencies coming on the readout, and many remarked at how wearing a Philip Stein watch allowed them to maintain a relaxed state of mind all day long.

How Can Mindfulness Help Relieve Stress?

Being “mindful”, or fully aware of the present moment, sounds easy enough, but it can be difficult to carry out on a regular basis. Most of us rarely “live in the moment”, even if we make mindfulness a priority.  Instead, we tend to dwell on the past, or worry about the future. 

Like many techniques to avoid stress, mindfulness has its origins in Eastern philosophy, but practicing it doesn’t require on any religious belief. One way to achieve it is through meditation, but it can also be done throughout the day by simply quieting the mind and becoming aware of your breathing. 

Until I got my Philip Stein Teslar watch, I was unable to fully appreciate the art of mindfulness.  This may have been due to all the distractions that come from my constant exposure to electronics and harmful electromagnetic fields.  But ever since I started wearing this watch, with its built-in natural frequency disk, I have found it easy to enter into a meditative state.  I can even do it on the train ride home from work. 

What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness?

In addition to making you feel less stressed, mindfulness helps with anxiety disorders, depression, relationship issues, sleep problems, and problem-solving.  Similarly, wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch helps you repel the effects stress by changing the frequency of the body’s electromagnetic field.  While mindfulness and meditation are both willful retreats from stress, and the effects of frequency technology occur automatically, the interplay between the two has helped me reduce stress, sleep better and be more effective on the job. 

Not surprisingly, the Philip Stein watch is also based on the fundamentals of Eastern philosophy.  Frequency technology was born from the awareness of energy flow, or “chi”, and how it flows through the meridians of the body.  By replacing extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields with the frequencies found naturally in the earth, a Philip Stein watch allows energy to flow freely and the wearer to enjoy a greater sense of well being.

So if you are looking for a way to make meditation and mindfulness a part of your daily life, let a Philip Stein Teslar watch become a part of your daily practice and watch the stress in your life disappear.

Philip Stein Teslar – The Alternative to Anger Management

Sometimes it seems like the whole world has gone mad.  All you need to do is turn on the evening news, or any24-hour cable news channel, and you’ll see what I mean.  From the “you lie” comment made by Rep. Joe Wilson (R, New York) during a Presidential address, to several prominent politicians cheating on their wives and all the angry people making the news every day, it’s everywhere…  Pure madness!  Even the news channels have started asking, “Why is everyone so angry all the time?”

Anger management courses should be filled to capacity, but sadly they’re not.  People don’t even realize how uncivil our society has become.  Perhaps these are the after-effects of the “me” generation, but it seems like everyone has a self-righteous “me first” attitude these days.  Maybe it’s the stress of living through one of the worst economic downturns in US history, but it is important to realize that we can bring our society back to a more peaceful and happy state of mind.  One of these things is known as “frequency technology” and it is available in every Philip Stein watch

If my experience with my new Philip Stein Teslar watch is any indication of how well these watches would work for the general public, then I think President Obama should stop spending stimulus dollars on things like infrastructure projects and education, and just buy one of these incredible watches for every single person in the United States.  Honestly, given the state of affairs in our public forums and the dismal state of our economy, wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of stress-free, calm and happy people walking around every corner.  Imagine the civility! People holding doors for one another again, helping each other instead of helping themselves – actually getting along – wouldn’t that be enough to turn the economy around?

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away on this concept, but really, I am so excited about the technology behind Philip Stein Teslar watches, and so ready to clobber anyone who tries to tell me about Teslar scams.  Philip Stein watches are simply amazing, but the best way to find out is to get one of your own and experience the benefits.  Be sure to purchase yours from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.

Electromagnetic Fields – A Public Health Threat

If you stay informed about what’s going on in the scientific community, you may have already heard about several studies being conducted on the potential health impact associated with increased use of mobile phones.  But you may not be aware of the research underway that adds other electronics to the list things that are potentially hazardous. 

  • Actually, one of these studies, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) has been underway since 1996. 
  • Some of the key findings of their study on electromagnetic frequencies are published on the WHO web site, but I will summarize them here.
  • Even at low frequencies, some external electric and magnetic fields can induce small circulating currents within the human body.
  • The primary effects of radio frequencies (used in cell phones) is the heating of bodily tissues, but there is continuing concern about RF exposure to the head, due to the small radiating antennas within most mobile phones. 
  • Any electromagnetic field, regardless of frequency, represents one of the fastest growing environmental influences, and given the advances in technology, even a small health effect could have a major impact on public health.
  • Without a doubt, short-term exposure to very high levels of electromagnetic energy can be a health hazard, but concerns have also been expressed about extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields because they have been linked to an associated risk of childhood cancers.

While all this can sound a bit scary to the average person, there is something you can do to thwart the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.  Philip Stein Teslar watches include an embedded natural frequency disk that emits the same frequency found naturally in the earth, and exposure to this frequency has been known to cause people to relax and resist stress.  Philip Stein has developed three beautiful collections of their luxury Teslar watches, which have enjoyed very positive reviews from major media and several celebrities. 

So, instead of worrying about exposure to electromagnetic fields, global warming, and world peace, do something positive about it and reduce your stress level in the process.  Consider a beautiful Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Exposure to certain electromagnetic fields could be dangerous

Think about it.  We wake in the morning and microwave our coffee, blow dry our hair, watch the morning news and hop into a computer-powered car.  Then, many of us sit in a temperature controlled office within arm’s reach of a computer all day.  We talk on cell phones, listen to music and even watch television in elevators.  Needless to say, most of us are lucky to find a few minutes a day when we are not exposed to a jumbled mix of electromagnetic fields. 

What does this level of exposure do to a person over time?  Truth is, nobody knows, but many scientists and medical professionals think it must be causing an imbalance in our bodily functions.

In the 21st century, man-made electromagnetic fields have been steadily on the rise, thanks to our ever-advancing technologies.  Whether we are at home or at work, we are exposed to a complex mix of electric and magnetic fields.  Scientists who study this topic will tell you that exposure to electromagnetic fields is nothing new, but there is very little research to show how high doses of electromagnetic energy will affect us over time. 

However, Zen masters and those who study Eastern medicine are far more in tune with the flow of energy in the body, and how an impasse of our body’s energy flow can cause stress and anxiety.  Because they believe in energy healing by unblocking the body’s chakras, the science behind frequency technology makes perfect sense to them.  Unfortunately, Western medicine hasn’t caught up to their line of thinking, which has created some striking philosophical differences between East and West.

Enter the Philip Stein watch company, best known for their Teslar watches.  By wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch, one can become surrounded by the natural frequencies that are found when the body is in synch with the Earth (7-9Hz).  Embedded natural frequency disks interact with the body’s natural electromagnetic field to inform the body to relax and repel the stress-causing frequencies that emanate from our electronic world. 

While skeptics may presume that any invention that validates a form of Eastern medicine is invalid, a team of global scientists has been studying the impact of electromagnetic exposure for thirteen years.  Truth is, wearers of Philip Stein Teslar watches pay little attention to so-called “Philip Stein watch scams”.   (It’s hard to get too worked up about things like that when you’re wearing a watch that makes you feel so relaxed.)

EMF and ELF Exposure: A Public Health Risk

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the risk of overusing your cell phone.  I’m not talking about using up your minutes and being shocked by the bill.  Scientists are spending a lot of time studying the health risks associated with overexposure to the high frequencies that are emitted by today’s mobile devices, especially since the technology has grown faster than the scientific community can study it. Like other potentially damaging electromagnetic fields, mobile phones emit a frequency that can interfere with the body’s natural defenses against anxiety and other diseases.  But cell phones go a step further.   The radio frequencies are pulsed and amplitude modulated in close proximity to the brain, through a small radiating antenna within the phone. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been studying electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) since 1996 as part of the International EMF project.  This study was established to learn more about how our increasingly electronic world is impacting public health.

As a fan of Philip Stein Teslar watches (and a proud owner of two of them), I was especially interested to learn about the loud public outcry for medical research pertaining to electronic and magnetic fields.  One reason for this is the seemingly direct correlation between the increase in extra-low frequency (ELF) exposure and the increase in anxiety, depression, insomnia and other stress-related diseases. 

While I am very concerned, as most people are, about the hazards of electronic pollution, I was happy when I realized that my Philip Stein watch will keep my body in balance.  Because the natural frequency disk in my watch emits the same frequency (7-9Hz) that is found in the Earth’s most natural state, it is consistently informing my body to relax and remain unscathed by external electromagnetic fields.  Philip Stein Teslar watches have been associated with reduced stress, better sleep, and a sense of overall well-being, precisely because of this revolutionary technology. 

Still, there are some naysayers out there who will tell it’s all a big “Teslar scam” and the whole thing is a hoax, but that is probably because they’ve never even tried on a Philip Stein watch. 

To learn more about the International EMF project and other health information pertaining to ELF exposure, visit the WHO web site at

Go Minimal with a Modern Philip Stein Bracelet

For those of us who have become slaves to our cell phones, it has become increasingly easy to walk out of the house without a watch on.  After all, when we can’t stop staring at our Blackberry screen it’s easy to keep track of the time.  But there is a certain stylish associated with wearing a watch, and most find they need to wear something on their left wrist.  If not a timepiece, then consider a Philip Stein bracelet.  These can be worn by themselves, on the left wrist, or on the right wrist as a singular piece of jewelry. 

What will a Philip Stein bracelet do for you?

Well, you may be someone who wears an heirloom watch or another timepiece with sentimental value, but you’ve heard about the calming effects of Philip Stein Teslar frequency technology and you want to benefit from it without switching watches.  Or, perhaps you just don’t like wearing a timepiece, because you rely on your cell phone or computer for keeping time.

A Philip Stein Teslar bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry on its own, but we all know that isn’t the only reason people like to wear them.  Like all of Philip Stein’s watches, the bracelets balance the body’s energy, allowing the wearer to experience more restful sleep, less stress, and a calmer mental outlook. 

Frequency technology is delivered to the wearer through a discrete metal disk, hidden inside the bracelet, which is infused with frequencies that exist when nature is in harmony.  When these are worn on the wrist, it exposes the bio-field of the wearer to these frequencies, informing their body to relax and enabling them to be more resilient against stress.   When you wear a Philip Stein bracelet, you are more in harmony with the natural earth, creating a healthier version of you.

A New Form of Energy Healing will Balance your Chi

Whether we can feel our own subtle energy or not, you can be certain it is there.  Energy that travels throughout our body, also known by the Chinese as “chi”, is something that can be revealed to you during an energy healing session.  Trained practitioner can help you redirect your chi and gain greater insight and clarity. 

Energy healing is nothing new.  It originated over 5,000 years ago when the ancient Chinese used it as a platform healing through acupuncture and therapeutic massage.  The Chinese believe that al illness is a result of an imbalance in the flow of “chi” through the body’s central meridians, and acupuncture connects these pathways with specific organs.  By inserting a series of needles into these areas, an acupuncturist attempts to correct the flow if energy and restore the body’s natural balance. 

Frequency technology is based on some of the same principles, and it aims to accomplish the same sense of well being.  The only difference is that today there less invasive ways to restore the flow of chi.  One of these is by wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch. 

Philip Stein Teslar works by emitting the same natural frequencies that are present when the Earth, and our bodies, are in balance.  These frequencies, generated by an interaction between an embedded chip and the watch’s battery, inform the body to relax by changing its electromagnetic field. 

Ever since these watches launched in 2003, they have enjoyed a great deal of favorable publicity from major celebrities to Wall Street tycoons.  In fact, Oprah Winfrey twice selected Philip Stein watches as one of her favorite things. 

Like other such revolutionary products, there are a number of replicas on the market, and sadly they have affected the reputation of the Philip Stein watch company.  If you hear about a Philip Stein watch scam, this is the result of unauthorized use of the word “Teslar” on replica watches.  A real Philip Stein Teslar watch is only available through an exclusive Philip Stein retailer.