Philip Stein Women’s Watches – the Ultimate in Luxury

Anyone who loves luxury watches will tell you; there is a purity of style that come through in every Philip Stein watch.  It is a certain elegance that is evident in every one of their timepieces, no matter how simple or glamorous they are.  Perhaps this sophisticated style comes from a creative genius, or an experienced designer, but there is nothing like a Philip Stein.  Neither underdeveloped nor overdone, each luxury timepiece in the Prestige, Signature and Modern collections seems to hold its own, regardless of which strap or style of case it is paired with. 

A great way to witness this masterful design is to select a case that suits your style – it could be something as simple as the dual time-zone, stainless steel Signature case, or something as elaborate as a double-diamond studded case from the Prestige collection.  Then match up your case with a variety of bracelets and straps.  You will see what I mean.  Somehow, miraculously, they all seem to “work”. 

A favorite combination of mine, in Philip Stein’s Signature collection, is one of the newer watches shown on their web site.  It is a petite stainless steel dual time-zone case, with a dial and case that is lightly embellished with a lace pattern over a curved, sapphire coated crystal.  Match this with an opalescent mother-of-pearl dial and you will see this is a watch with a style all its own.  Shown with a richly textured Grace Silver patent leather strap, each element of this watch is a perfect complement to the platinum sheen of the case.  This delightful Philip Stein watch is also shown with a sprinkling of diamonds and colorful precious stones surrounding the bezel – the ultimate in femininity.

How can you tell a real Philip Stein from a fake?

At first glance, it can be very difficult to tell a fake watch from a genuine luxury watch.  But to the trained eye, the differences are immeasurable.  With all the online watch stores cropping up, it is no surprise that well-meaning shoppers get fooled every day.  But shouldn’t the sale of fake “name brand” luxury items be illegal? 

Somehow, a large number of replica watch makers get away with passing off their cheap imposters for the real thing.  While most of their customers know they’re buying a fake, some people honestly think they’re buying a Rolex for $50! 

When it comes to Philip Stein watches, imposter watches present a much larger issue.  That is because these aren’t just your average luxury watch.  They contain a Teslar chip, embedded into the case, which works with the watch’s batter to create a harmonious energy field around the wearer. 

Since they were first introduced in 2002, Philip Stein watches have been featured on Oprah, praised by Madonna, and seen on the wrist of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, to name a few.  While the watches themselves are quite impressive looking, their biggest selling point is their ability to reduce stress, promote deeper sleep, and help wearers remain focused and relaxed.  In other words, it is the frequency technology that has made them so popular. 

Replica watch companies may know how to make their watches look similar to the real thing, but they have no clue about Teslar chips or frequency technology.  Looking for some telltale signs that your watch is fake?  Well, their fake “chips” don’t say “Teslar”, they include the words “water resistant” on the dial, and their straps are not interchangeable. 

A better way to keep from buying a phony Philip Stein watch is to make sure you only purchase one from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.  If you find yourself dealing with a company that sells fake designer watches, ask for their name, address, and business license.  It is time someone started reporting these scammers to the proper authorities.

Don’t Let Stress Keep You Down

Stress is quickly becoming the number one public health problem in America.  But surprisingly, there don’t seem to be many helpful remedies for it.  Sure, we can get more sleep, exercise, eat right, and read a book on time management, but most of us still grapple with anxiety and stress on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, one of the primary stressors in our environment is caused by electromagnetic fields – the extra-low frequency (ELF) type that emanate from our cell phones, computers, and everyday appliances.  Some people call this “electronic pollution”, and it has received quite a bit of publicity lately.  That’s because most of us are surrounded by these ELF fields more often than ever before, and researchers are finding it hard to keep up with the influx of technology in our daily lives.

The Philip Stein company has created an answer to stress-causing ELF fields, and other forms of electronic pollution.  Their collection of Teslar watches are not only luxurious and beautiful to look at, they also incorporate frequency technology into every timepiece.

 Frequency-based technology is encapsulated into a tiny Teslar chip, and embedded into the case of each Philip Stein watch, and it is the secret to the company’s success.  By utilizing these alloy chips, which mimic the frequency of the earth, the chips balance the energy flow in the body of the wearer, and create a healthy energy field that replaces hazardous electromagnetic fields.  The net result is that the wearer feels less stress, sleeps better, and feels more energized. 

Several studies have been conducted on Philip Stein watches, and most people find that they’ve never felt better.  Results keep coming in, and people attribute all sorts of health benefits to the watches, but the number one benefit seems to be stress reduction. 

Oh, and did I mention these are some of the most beautiful luxury watches on the market?

Does Your Teenager “Text” Too Much? Stop complaining and buy them a Philip Stein watch

The recent report about cell phone use and brain tumors reveals truths about this controversial topic, and sheds an entirely new light on what we know about electromagnetic radiation.  Cell phones have long been suspected of causing damage to the brain because of their emission of amplified electromagnetic fields in such close proximity to the head.  

The groups affiliated with this study include the EM Radiation Research Trust (UK),, the EMR Policy Institute and the Peoples Initiative Foundation (US). It concludes that there is a risk of brain tumors from cell phone use, and that children are at a higher risk than adults.  It also alleges that previous studies, funded by the telecom industry, have intentionally underestimated this risk (surprise, surprise!). 

This conclusion came as no surprise to the Philip Stein watch company, whose Teslar watches were introduced seven years ago to wide public acclaim.  The Teslar watch collection is Philip Stein’s answer to “electronic pollution” because it employs frequency technology to mitigate the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields.  According to studies conducted in conjunction with the founders of Teslar and Philip Stein watches, people who wear these watches are surrounded by an energy field that mimics the natural resonance of the Earth.  By creating a new, healthy electromagnetic field around the body, it is possible to protect yourself (and your teenager) from the damaging effects of these fields. 

As if this isn’t enough good news for parents, Philip Stein bracelets and watches are also known for helping control stress, anxiety and lack of concentration while improving the wearers overall disposition.  Given the number of text messages most teenagers send and receive each month, it is comforting to note that this “preferred” method of communication may actually be healthier for them than talking on the phone –  and it doesn’t hurt to know that wearing a Philip Stein will actually make them more pleasant to have around!

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors – Another Reason to Buy a Philip Stein Watch

By now, most of us have heard the grim news about cell phone use and brain tumors, but little detail about this new threat has been reported.  The reason for the lack of real data is that the World Health Organization has not yet released its official report, even though they have been studying the topic of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health for over a decade.  One has to wonder why it took such a large team of doctors and scientists this long to come up with conclusive data about EMFs.  According to the WHO web site, this study has been going on since 1996.  Could it be the “cell phone lobby” has been actively trying to keep this information sealed? 

Another organization, the U.K. Radiation Research Trust, has joined forces with other international health advocacy groups to do research on the health hazards of EMFs emitted from wireless technology, and recently released their report, “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone.”

UK. Radiation Research Trust, a UK-based charity focused on the health effects of electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies, recently released a report, “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone,” along with other international health advocacy groups on two continents.  The Interphone study was originally done to determine the risks of brain tumors from cell phone use, but its publication was delayed for several years, and this new report reveals the 11 design flaws of this telecom-funded international study.  According to the “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors” report, the Interphone study skewed their data intentionally, so as to underestimate the risk of brain tumors.

So what does all this have to do with a Philip Stein watch?  Well, for the past seven years, Philip Stein Teslar watches have gained popularity for their ability to ward off the effects of external “electronic pollution” (also known as EMFs) and keep the wearer immersed in the perfect “frequency” to promote relaxation and good health.  Up until now, there was some skepticism about the science behind the Philip Stein company’s claims about the dangers of EMFs, but this recent announcement confirms what many of us have known all along.  Other than moving to a deserted island, there is no better way to protect yourself from unhealthy EMFs.

How to Feel Better and Look Great!

Okay, based on the title of this article, you are probably wondering if I’m being straight with you, am I right?  Well, I am always honest, and I knew that title would get your attention. 

I’m writing to let you in on a secret, something I discovered this summer when I was traveling through Europe.  While I was on my trip, my watch broke, so instead of getting it repaired I decided to start looking for a new one.  On a stopover in London, I did some shopping and found a very new and unique timepiece.  It is called a Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Since I’d never heard of these watches, I was surprised to learn that they are well known around the world.  In fact, Oprah has already included them in her list of Favorite Things.  I’m not a big fan of Oprah, so I wasn’t surprised I missed that.  The reason they’ve become so popular recently is because they’re known for relieving stress and helping people “feel good”.  How does that work, you may ask? Well, the concept was designed with the help of Teslar technology.  Each watch has its own Teslar chip, which emits a frequency that calms the body by immersing it in the same frequency that exists when the brain is at rest. 

When I did some initial research on the company, I found dozens of testimonials from people who had recovered from insomnia, persistent jet lag, depression, and even chronic pain.  But I never expected a watch that does this much to look so good!  Philip Stein watches are the epitome of luxury timepieces.  They are available in three distinct collections, ranging from sleek dual time-zone professional watches to decked-out, bejeweled works of art.  And the selection of colorful and textured straps is seemingly endless! 

So, did I live up to my promise?  Yes.  Philip Stein watches deliver “feel good” technology and they look great too!

Are your Computers and Home Wiring Stressing You Out?

In this “wired” society, awareness of our exposure to electromagnetic energy is increasingly important.  We’re all so interconnected in today’s society, and most people rely on computers for completing everyday tasks. 

Overexposure to electromagnetic radiation has been connected with a variety of health problems, from anxiety to migraines, insomnia to leukemia, but most people are unaware of these threats.  Simple measurement devices can be used to determine your level of exposure.

If your home has high electromagnetic field (EMF) readings, it’s a good idea to determine the sources of these EMFs so you can take action to protect yourself. 

Instead of starting with your computers and home appliances, check to see if the electricity if the source of electricity to your home is coming in through a wall outside of the house.  If so, it may be wise to block off that room and use it for storage purposes only.  In many cases, the source of the EMF is incorrect wiring.  If you suspect this to be the case, then consult with a licensed electrician; don’t try to fix it yourself. 

Now, consider your computers.  EMFs can radiate from all sides of your computers, so you should not only be concerned about the exposure that comes from sitting directly in front of the monitor.

Truth is, even if you do your best to avoid overexposure to EMFs in your home environment, it is difficult to control this exposure in the office or other locations.  The best way to give yourself the added protection you need is by investing in a Philip Stein Teslar watch

Wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch sounds like an odd recommendation for EMF exposure, but they really work.  This is because a Teslar chip, embedded into the watch’s case, emits a healthier frequency – the same one found in the Earth.  A new electromagnetic field is created when the chip interacts with the watch’s battery, which keeps the wearer insulated from dangerous electronic pollution.  Constant exposure to this healthier field of energy can relieve stress, promote deeper sleep, and give the wearer an overall sense of relaxation and well being.

Bedroom Safety 101: Keep your Philip Stein watch on!

Okay, you’ve probably heard about kitchen safety, playground safety, even workplace safety, but bedroom safety?  That’s probably not the first thing on your mind when you turn out the lights each night, but if you’re worried about your health, it should be.

One of the major health risks in our modern world is overexposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from everyday appliances, cell phones, transformers and power lines.  But the truth is, these devices only become a major problem when we stand (or sleep) to close to them for long periods of time.  When we sleep, it is important to be mindful of our surroundings.  Things like electric blankets, water bed heaters, telephone answering machines and electric alarm clocks all emit EMFs all night long. 

Sure, you could unplug the water bed heater, switch to a thermal blanket, and move your phone and alarm clock at least six feet away, but there is an easier way to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of these devices.  Keep your Philip Stein Teslar watch on all day and all night.  Yes, it’s that simple.

By emitting the same natural frequency found in the earth (7.83 Hz), Philip Stein watches actually replace the damaging EMFs that surround you with healthy, harmonious frequencies.  The effect of this interaction is a safe and peaceful field of energy around the body; one that balances the body’s energy flow and keeps electronic pollution away.

Studies have shown that if you wear your Philip Stein watch all day and all night, the positive health effects are stronger.  These include deeper sleep, less stress, and an overall feeling of peace – a welcome addition to any bedroom.

Microwave Ovens, Radar and Your Health

Did you know that microwave ovens can be dangerous to your health? 

That’s because they can emit radar electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that may present health problems down the road.  Measuring microwave emissions can only be done accurately by using very expensive digital peak-hold meters, because analog meters tend to drop their readings immediately after a sweep of radar passes. For this reason, it is very difficult for the average person to judge whether they are being exposed to dangerous EMF from a common kitchen microwave oven. 

United States safety limits for microwaves are lower than other countries, and all microwaves leak to some extent.  The only way to prevent yourself from being overexposed to this potentially dangerous form of radiation is to stand several feet away from a microwave while it is in use, and wait at least 30 seconds after the cooking time is finished before opening the door.

Like microwaves, many household appliances emit dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, but consumers can take steps to protect themselves from these threats.  Wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch, with an embedded natural frequency chip, can dramatically an individual’s vulnerability to EMFs.  This is because Philip Stein watches emit a signal that duplicates the natural frequency of the earth.  This signal interacts with the body’s bio-field and creates its own, healthier electromagnetic field, thereby insulating the wearer from extra-low frequency (ELF) fields, commonly known as electronic pollution.

In addition to offering valuable protection from EMFs, Philip Stein’s collection of luxury timepieces helps people feel less stress, experience deeper sleep, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.

How to Control Your Exposure to EMFs

For many years, scientists have strongly recommended more research be done on the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  While the World Health Organization (WHO) has been studying this since 1996, never has there been more pressure on the scientific community to come up with an answer. 

Some of the most common concerns expressed include health problems like migraines, insomnia, heart disease, childhood cancer and birth defects, but even stress can be attributed to EMF exposure.

Despite a rising concern among researchers and the media attention being paid to EMFs emitted from cell phones, the average person is still unaware of the growing magnitude of this problem.  This is because EMFs are so much more prevalent in our atmosphere today than they were just ten years ago.

Electromagnetic fields are emitted from virtually every electronic device, from household appliances to computers, and with our growing dependence on technology , the associated health problems continue to increase in equal measure. Even the earth itself emits an electromagnetic field of 7.83 Hz, which is known to create a relaxing effect on the body, but with all the “electronic pollution” out there, very few people can experience this.

The good news is that the Philip Stein watch company has come up with a way to replicate the resonance of the earth’s EMF in their line of Teslar watches.  A small chip embedded into the watch’s case is what creates the field of energy, which becomes the body’s “default” bio-field.  When a person wears a Philip Stein Teslar watch, they are not only protected from the damaging effects of EMFs, they also experience an overall sense of well being and calm.

Philip Stein watches are the best way to curb the negative effects of EMFs, with the added bonus of giving the body a vacation from stress.