Cultivating a Sense of Humor with a Philip Stein watch

Cultivating a healthy sense of humor can do a lot to relieve stress and lighten a difficult situation.  Even though life can be pretty hard sometime, being able to laugh at life’s trials can really lighten the load. 

Over the past year, many Americans found themselves coping with economic hardships like unemployment, foreclosure and dwindling retirement assets. As a result, stress-related illnesses and depression have risen to near epidemic proportions.  While it can seem impossible to laugh at situations like this, finding the humor in life is sometimes the best remedy for stress. 

The Philip Stein watch company has developed a form of frequency technology, embodied in all of their watches that will help you develop more of a light-hearted approach to living.  It is actually based on the notable discoveries surrounding electromagnetism and the Schumann Resonance.  Most people are unaware of this, but the low frequency emissions that come from appliances, cell phones and computers can seriously impact their stress level.  By interacting with the body’s natural bio-field and creating a natural shield against these emissions, the body is restored to its synchronicity with nature.

Every Philip Stein watch is made with a Teslar chip that emits the same frequency (7.83 Hz) at which the Earth naturally resonates.  Because wearers of Philip Stein Teslar timepieces are so much less stressed, they also sleep better, work smarter, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.  And most importantly, they find it easier to laugh at the small stuff.

Don’t Let the Holiday Rush Stress You Out

Welcome to the busiest season of the year – the Holidays!  If you’re like me, you are spending a lot of time rushing from store to store this weekend, trying to get the best deals available.  While all the anticipation and planning can be a lot of fun, It is also exhausting, financially draining, and stressful. 

Philip Stein watches offer relief from holiday stress, and a way to escape all the anxiety surrounding the season.  Available in three beautiful collections – Prestige, Signature, and Modern – a Philip Stein is more than just a beautiful luxury timepiece. 

By shielding the body from all the extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields in our environment (coming from electronics, microwaves and cell phones), these smartly designed watches give the wearer a feeling of peace, relaxation and good health.  The Teslar chip, embedded in the case of each Philip Stein watch, emits a signal that causes a chain reaction within the bio-field of the wearer, bringing their natural energy field back into synch with the frequency of the Earth.  Not only does this help reduce the stress that comes from external ELF radiation sources, it also protects the body from the long term harmful effects of this exposure. 

The net result of wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch is that you get to relax and enjoy the holiday rush, without letting it control your mood.  So before you start searching for that “perfect gift” for everyone on your list, buy yourself the gift of a Philip Stein watch.

Mastering Stress with a Philip Stein Watch

We all know that stress is bad for the central nervous system, and it is the cause of health problems like heart disease, stroke, insomnia, depression and anxiety.  But it doesn’t do much good for our personal and emotional lives either.

When we are stressed-out, it is easy to forget that life is supposed to be enjoyed.  Relationships are supposed to be pleasant, and work is supposed to be mentally stimulating.  But when we’re stressed, it is easy to think of everything – even our family lives – as just another thing to cross off of our to-do list. 

Learning to relax can take a lifetime of practice.  Some people choose physical activities like biking, running or swimming.  Others choose meditation, yoga, and prayer.  But one way to make a lasting difference on our reaction to stress is much simpler to do. 

Simply wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch can unleash blocked energy passageways, relax the mind, improve sleep, and give the wearer an overwhelming sense of peace and well being.  These beautifully designed luxury watches not only look great on; they also make you feel great.  By sending out a signal that interacts with the watch’s battery and an oscillating timing coil, the Teslar chip in each Philip Stein watch actually strengthens the body’s bio-field, making it impervious to all the low-frequency electromagnetic fields in our atmosphere. 

Testimonials keep pouring in from all over the world, telling about how wearing a Philip Stein watch has changed their lives.  Reports of less pain from chronic injuries, relief from jet lag, improved mental clarity, and incredibly high energy levels have driven many people to become new Philip Stein fans.  Even Oprah has listed the Philip Stein luxury watch collection as one of her “favorite things”.  So if you’re looking for a stress management tool that also makes a fashion statement, look no further than the Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Get an Early Start on Holiday Shopping with the Philip Stein Wine Wand

Okay, so you’re looking for that memorable gift for the person who has everything, right?  While these “hard to shop for” types can be fun to hang out with, buying them a gift is always a challenge.  It takes creativity, decisiveness, and an eye for novelty… or, you could just get them all a Philip Stein Wine Wand

The Philip Stein Wine Wand is an elegant, pocket-sized gadget that will make an impression on even your most jaded friends.  Originally created for the wine enthusiast, these unique and beautiful instruments are also a scientific marvel and one of a kind conversation starter. 

They work by accelerating the aeration process in a bottle of wine, cutting it down from a few hours to a few minutes.  Using Philip Stein’s patented frequency technology; the Wine Wand emits the same frequencies as oxygen, and infuses them directly into the wine when the wand is immersed in a glass or bottle.  Wine connoisseurs around the world have tested this device, and while they were skeptical at first, no one could dispute that the Wine Wand works like magic. 

The oxygen-like frequencies quickly and easily remove all the sugars, alcohol vapors, tannins and acidity that are hidden within a bottle of newly opened wine.  Usually this aeration process takes several hours, and most wine lovers wouldn’t think of drinking a glass of wine that hasn’t been aerated properly.  But with the Philip Stein wine wand, there is no need to wait.  All the remnants of fermentation are gone in just minutes.

What is the difference between a Philip Stein Teslar watch and a Teslar Medallion?

In case you are unfamiliar with Teslar, it is a form of frequency technology that protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by continuously emitting an oscillating signal that ranges between 7 and 9 Hz.  Since the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the same one that is naturally found in the Earth, this is also the ideal frequency for optimum human functioning. 

Why would someone want to change their body’s natural frequency?

The human body is highly sensitive to the various external EMFs that emanate from electronics, particularly those devices that operate within close proximity to the body.  These would include computers, kitchen appliances, hair dryers, electric razors, electric blankets, alarm clocks and of course, cell phones.

Whenever the body’s natural bio-field is bombarded with a range of EMFs – which is most of the time – it responds by limiting its own energy flow until a better balance can be found.  This energy can often become blocked, causing fatigue, depression and stress.  And the net impact on the body can be far more harmful over time, causing such ailments as hypertension, anxiety and migraine headaches. 

Why a watch?  Why not a medallion?

Philip Stein watches have been known to prevent the body from feeling the impact of EMFs because it constantly emits a signal that is in the same range as the Earth’s, thereby realigning the body’s natural energy field to one that is more beneficial and healthy.   In order to be effective, however, the Teslar chip constantly oscillates. Otherwise, the body would become accustomed to the new frequency and it would lose its impact.

When a magnetic medallion is worn, it is not constantly oscillating, or changing its frequency.  Instead, it is a passive, static device.  Yes, it may work initially, but over time the effect wears off so it can no longer protect the body from EMFs; nor can it provide the calming sensation of a Philip Stein Teslar watch. 

To put it simply, there are no moving components in a medallion, which makes its impact on the body limited and static.  Only when there is constant stimulus to the body’s own energy field can Teslar be entirely effective.  A Philip Stein watch is an active device, which continues to work its magic long after you’ve forgotten you’re wearing it.

The Rise of Electronic Pollution

Less than a century ago, we didn’t have all the gadgets, automobiles, communications systems, wiring, lighting and electronic entertainment that we have today.  It is also interesting to note that we also didn’t have all the stress, road rage, depression, crime, and heart disease back then. 

While it is true that our lives are less demanding and our productivity as a nation has dramatically increased; we are also much less balanced with nature.  This imbalance is created by all the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) floating around in our atmosphere from computers, cell phones, televisions and a world full of electronic circuitry.  This rise in EMFs, also known as electronic pollution, has caused a dramatic increase in concern about the negative health effects that they cause. 

Scientists around the world, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) have been studying the impact of electronic pollution for several years, but even their research cannot keep up with the consistent increase in EMFs.  A recent report, entitled “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors” has finally given their research some credibility, but most experts agree that the health hazards extend far beyond mobile technology.

In an effort to address this issue, the Philip Stein watch company has introduced a line of luxury watches that incorporate frequency technology.  These beautiful timepieces offer a powerful shield against the effects of EMFs and have been shown to give wearers an overall sense of well being and calm. 

Much attention has been paid to Philip Stein watches since their debut in 2002, but the most notable one was from Oprah Winfrey, who added the watches to her list of Favorite Things – twice!  Other celebrities, such as Madonna and Rupert Murdoch have also chosen Philip Stein watches for their health benefits, as well as their elegant craftsmanship.

How to get the most out of your new Philip Stein Teslar watch

Thanks to our national addition to gadgets, smart-phones and appliances, Americans are exposed to more electromagnetic radiation than at any other time in our history.  This “electronic pollution” comes from our cell phones, fluorescent lights, computers, GPS devices, microwaves, hair dryers and more. 

Research has been done on the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for several years, but because our exposure continues to increase exponentially every year, most of this research is already dated. 

Currently, the only ways to protect oneself from harmful EMF radiation is to a) move to a remote location (deep wilderness or deserted island would be preferable) or b) start wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch

Using Philip Stein’s exclusive “natural frequency technology” their watches suspend the wearer in a fortified energy field that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.  The result is an electromagnetic field that resonates at the same frequency as the Earth – 7.83 Hz.  Because this is the same frequency that our bodies were supposed to be exposed to (before all of our electronic devices changed that), wearers of Philip Stein watches feel an elemental shift in the how they feel.  While results vary from person to person, the average new owner of a Philip Stein Teslar watch feels an inexplicable sense of peace and tranquility.  They usually find that they sleep much more soundly, have more energy, and are able to focus more intently on the task at hand.

But all these “feel good” benefits are only part of the reason to wear a Philip Stein watch.  An even better reason is because the watches protect their wearers from damaging extra-low frequency (ELF) radiation, which can have a more serious impact on health over the long term. 

So before you sell all your possessions and move to a survival cabin in the wilderness, consider buying a Philip Stein watch.

How do Philip Stein watches shield wearers from harmful EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are just now becoming a major public health concern for Americans.  It’s too bad that it took a recent report from the World Health Organizations about cell phones and brain tumors to bring the EMF threat into the forefront.

EMFs have been known to cause a wide range of health hazards, including insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  They have even been linked to many childhood cancers.  With all the recent media coverage, people are finally starting to ask how they can protect themselves from what is known as “electronic pollution”. 

Interestingly, frequency technology has been around for several decades, but very few people were aware of its benefits.  Since 2002, the Philip Stein watch company has been using this technology in all of its luxury watch collections. 

It all started when Nikola Tesla, inventor of the alternating circuit, began to discover that natural longitudinal (or scalar) waves could be used for global communication and the transmission of energy.  Using some of his findings, as well as other scientists in the field of electromagnetic, the Teslar chip was born.  This chip, which is now used in every Philip Stein Teslar watch, works in conjunction with the watch’s battery and a timing coil to create a new electromagnetic field around the body. This new field bolsters the body’s naturally occurring energy field and acts as a shield against external electromagnetic pollution. 

The net effect is a quiet, peaceful sense of overall well-being, free from the constant onslaught of extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields found in our modern, high-tech world.

What to expect when you start wearing a Philip Stein watch

Everyone has a different sensitivity level to the ambient electronic pollution that comes from computers, power lines, cell phones and appliances.  For this reason, everyone can have a different reaction to the frequency technology in Philip Stein watches.  In addition, some people aren’t very sensitive to what’s going on in their body or aren’t in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth.

When people start wearing a Philip Stein watch, they often notice a warm, tingling sensation as their body adjusts to a renewed flow of energy throughout the body. But perhaps the most marked change in a new Philip Stein wearer is picked up by their friends and family.  A spouse or significant other may notice a change in their frustration level or the amount of tension in their voice.  In addition, since the wearer will be sleeping much more soundly, they will tend to have more energy and focus while on the job, less tension when dealing with deadlines, and improved concentration.

It is interesting to speak with people who have recently started wearing a Philip Stein watch.  While each person is different, they all tend to experience similar changes in their bodies.  The most common changes include a stimulated ability to focus on tasks, a loose and relaxed outlook, and heightened sensitivity to their body’s recovery from electromagnetic exposure. 

Parents of children with ADD and ADHD have reported significant changes in their children’s behavior and response to stress.  Most children were better able to concentrate on schoolwork and less likely to act out with other children. 

While the intensity of these changes can vary greatly from person to person, one thing is certain: Philip Stein watches are responsible for making significant improvements in the lives of their wearers.

The magic behind Philip Stein watches

The innovation behind Philip Stein watches lies in their uniquely designed Teslar chips, which utilize frequency technology to work in concert with the watch’s standard parts.  The result? Less stress, better sleep, higher energy levels and improved concentration for the wearer.  So how does this breakthrough technology work?

1)      Like any other electronic device, the battery of the Philip Stein watch creates its own electric field

2)      Each watch contains a quartz-crystal, oscillating timing coil, which emits a magnetic field

3)      The Teslar chip then collapses these two fields together, creating a zero-point scalar wave.

4)      This longitudinal waveform is alive with energy, and is modulated by the Teslar chip, which emits a 7.83 Hz frequency.  Because this frequency embedded in a watch- typically worn on the left arm – it travels around the triple warmer energy conduit, or meridian.

5)      Because this meridian interconnects with the body’s other energy conduits, it allows the energy dispersed by the Philip Stein watch to travel throughout the body.  This process strengthens the body’s natural electromagnetic field, and makes it resistant to external fields which can often interrupt its flow. 

This process may sound a bit complicated, but to a scientist it is actually quite simple.  Philip Stein watches make it easy to remain calm, relaxed and free of the environmental stresses caused by electronic pollution. 

The Philip Stein Teslar watch retunes the body’s naturally occurring electromagnetic field to be in harmony with the resonance of the earth.  The best way to describe the feeling one gets from wearing this type of watch is to compare it to how it feels to spend time close to nature and away from  an otherwise fast-paced life.