Philip Stein Modern Sand Dial Men’s Watch S-7: Truly Transcendent

A versitle watch for any man's style
Philip Stein's Modern Collection Sand Dial Watch

If there is anyone out there that knows men aren’t huge fans of traditional jewelry, but would still like something more to add a touch of fashion to their wardrobe, it is Philip Stein. Designed to perfection, the team behind the name knows how to make the wrist of a man look masculine yet well decorated with class. Originality in every piece is something they also pride and would put their reputation on. This Philip Stein Modern Sand Dial Men’s Watch S-7 defines individuality because it gives you the option to purchase additional creatively designed straps. The sand dial makes it flexible no matter the design or color you choose to accentuate it with.

The physical attraction of this timepiece is undeniable. This large, round stainless steel case looks great on the wrist of anyone. The primary strap is brown calf leather but the additional straps include calf leather black, calf leather triple cut liberty black, tan or brown, calf cornwall glitter leather white, calf leather white & black stitch or calf leather astrakan black. Full scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the watch for long-term wear.

The case is 44mm in diameter. The strap is a 7” adjustable strap with a tang buckle. The Philip Stein Modern Sand Dial Men’s Watch S-7 is also water resistant up to 100 feet. This battery operated quartz movement also features a GMT 2nd time zone feature on a smaller circle at the lower, second half of the face. This men’s watch in the Modern collection also features Roman numerals on the top dial and Arabic numerals on the bottom dial.

The frequency technology is just one more perk this watch offers. Unseen to the eye is a beneficial key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which encompasses the chief resonant frequency of the natural earth and is a frequency that is said to be harmonious and grounding to life. Philip Stein currently offers two technologies; Electromagnetic frequency technology and natural frequency technology. Whichever you have, they both report better sleep, less stress, clearer focus and better concentration when wearing.

The Philip Stein Modern Sand Dial Men’s Watch S-7 is priced at $815.00 and available on the official Philip Stein website. The additional straps are also available for purchase there and range from $50 to $95.

Philip Stein Women’s Active Collection 31-ARGW-RBW Bespeaks Quiet Authority and Monochromatic Glamour

The embedded frequencies in Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW keep the wearer centered and grounded.

Don’t let the demure good looks fool you. There’s a powerhouse behind the small rose gold steel case. This watch, from the Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW, like the grounded and centered woman who wears it, speaks with quiet authority and the confidence that comes from knowing her wishes will be obeyed.

The face is a study in monochromatic elegance: the white dial and sub-dials with cleverly displayed date and second functions play off the integrated white silicone strap. The watch’s traditional circular shape, somewhat unusual in a Philip Stein, is reinforced by the multiple concentric and overlapping circular designs on the watch dial. It’s a fitting choice considering the almost mythical power ascribed to circles.

A striking feature of  the Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW is the limited use of Art Deco numbers outlined in the same rose gold steel as the case at the one, two, eight, nine, ten and eleven o’clock positions.

But it’s what inside that sets this watch apart from other timepieces. In each Philip Stein watch is a thin metal plate embedded with all of the key natural frequencies beneficial to life and health, foremost among them the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hertz waves per second, which is the earth’s chief harmonic frequency. Embedding this and other beneficial frequencies in the watch provides information to the human biofield.

As Will Stein, President of the Philip Stein Group, explains, “The biofield is the master energy field that regulates the body’s functions and tells it to relax. The holistic frequencies resonating in the watch inform and, in a sense, tune the body, and in doing so, the person becomes more in harmony with the natural earth, more centered and grounded.” In short, just like the woman who wears a Philip Stein.

Wrist art: The Philip Stein Prestige 13-LBG Men’s Watch

Wristwatch or art?

Ever see a modernist painting you could just stare at forever and feel like you never quite got around to appreciating everything about it? That’s kind of how I feel looking at the Philip Stein Prestige 13-LBG men’s watch. There’s so much here, I don’t know where to begin … and it’s all good. With a watch like this, you will not only never miss an appointment, but you won’t have to get a tattoo in order to wear some fine art work, either.

The dial face, in the iconic Philip Stein oblong shape, is set on a background of black on black gradient stripes. It includes two time zones and the date, as well as minute, second and tenths of a second features. All of these time and day keeping features are displayed in the most innovative way I’ve ever seen. The primary band recommended for this watch, the 13-MMBD is fabric with a subtle black on black checkered design. The Prestige 13-LBG men’s watch case is polished steel and 5-ATM water resistant. Its movement mechanism is 1 RONDA and chronograph with the calendar. The dial window is double curved sapphire with an anti-glare coating.

The Philip Stein Prestige 13-LBG men’s watch retails for $2,370 on the Philip Stein website and at authorized sellers.

Philip Stein’s Prestige Oversized Men’s Watch 13RG-LW: Perfect Dash of Color

One-of-a-kind in the Prestige Collection!
The stunning close-up view of Philip Stein's oversized men's watch

Philip Stein has proven time (literally) and time again that he knows what he is doing when it comes to watch design and structure. The 13RG-LW: Philip Stein Prestige Oversized Men’s Watch exemplifies that very statement. As soon as you take your first glimpse at this watch you see a masculine design with just the perfect touch of color added to accentuate the physical features. It is pretty close, if not impossible, to be anything but ecstatic to have this watch in your collection.

The 13RG-LW: Philip Stein Prestige Oversized Men’s Watch has the style any guy would love. Like obviously noted, this men’s watch is set in an oversized, all polished 18K rose gold case. The hour/minute hands are superluminova and move on one of the most unique and fascinating faces I have seen on a watch. There is also a landmark white diamond dial and the date display falls on the upper 4 o’clock spot. This Swiss quartz movement features three additional sub-dials; a 1/10th second register, a 30 minute register and a 60 second central register.

It’s double curved spherical sapphire crystal is not only made to be scratch resistant, but also has an anti-reflecting coating to give it that extra, but necessary addition. The 13RG-LW: Philip Stein Prestige Oversized Men’s Watch is 5-ATM water resistant and has a case back containing four screws and two small sapphire crystals. The main strap is a black alligator leather with a thorn buckle. Additional specs: 1 ETA G 15.211 – 10 1/2″, chronograph movement with calendar and 1 RONDA movement 753 – 5 ½.

Philip Stein is known for the natural frequency technology, key frequencies beneficial to health and life, and is in every watched created. The prominent frequency is 7.83 hertz (waves per second) and is known as the frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life.

The 13RG-LW: Philip Stein Prestige Oversized Men’s Watch is available for purchase on the Philip Stein website.

Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP: It’s What Women Want

The Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP is in sync with both fashion and earth frequencies.

East meets west. Arabic meets Roman. Sassy meets sleek. The Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP defies easy definition. As does, the woman who wears one.

Philip Stein is leading the news with stories about how the frequency technology – built into each timepiece – is transforming people’s lives with better rest, increased immunity and an over-all sense of well-being that hard to attain in today’s hectic, stress-ridden world.

The steel disk inside each Philip Stein watch has been treated and transformed by key frequencies, the most prominent of which is 7.83 Hertz (waves per second), that matches the frequency of natural earth. This is also the frequency in the human energy biofield when a person is relaxed or unstressed. When wearing the watch, a sympathetic resonance occurs as the human biofield begins to resonate more strongly at the 7.83 Hertz frequency. As everyone from Dr. Phil to legions of fans on Facebook and Twitter will attest, this is too good of news not to share.

Philip Stein is also turning heads in the fashion world as this fashion forward number with Pashima Red leather band proves. The Collections Prestige 11-VMOP’s curvy, polished stainless steel case and vogue mother of pearl double dial make this a watch that will go seamlessly from the office to a night on the town. A double curved spherical Sapphire crystal with anti-reflecting coating adds durability and practicality. A Pashima Pearl White leather band is available for those with more demure tastes.

For a watch that defies easy definition, the Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP does offer one definitive answer to the age old question of “what do women want?” A Philip Stein watch, of course!

Philip Stein Signature 2GCB Men’s Watch: Stylized


Watches don’t get much more stylized than the unique designs of Philip Stein. The watch maker’s Signature collection 2GCB men’s watch is one of the more understated pieces of artistry in this manufacturers catalog, although this much style can’t rightly be called understated. The distinctive case shape of Philip Stein on the 2GCB is perfectly accentuated by the black and white two-stripe band recommended for the watch, and the ensemble together simultaneously evokes precision and pep.

The iconic Philip Stein case is gunmetal crystal with two black dials that sport steel colored hands and Roman numerals. The Signature collection 2GCB dial window is a sapphire coated curved mineral crystal and the watch is 3-ATM water resistant. The watch has two quartz movements and Teslar technology. While changeable, the primary strap on this men’s watch is the 2-CCB 20mm triple cut calf leather in liberty black. This watch carries with it whirlwind a blend of craftsmanship, style, artistry, precision, modernism and performance. There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about it that wouldn’t be evident with just a simple glance. Its look says it all.

The Philip Stein Signature 2GCB men’s watch retails for $625 on the Philip Stein website and authorized resellers.

Philip Stein Mini Stainless Steel Case with Full-Cut Diamonds 4DD-F-DW Offers Feline Femininity

The band steals the show in this Philip Stein Mini Stainless Steel Case with Full-cut Diamonds 4DD-F-DW

“Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should get used to the idea.” Fun, flirtatious and definitely feline, this Philip Stein Mini Stainless Steel Case with Full-Cut Diamonds 4DD-F-DW will appeal to the independent woman, be she a cat (or dog) lover.

The watch features the signature Philip Stein double dials set in an elongated face with gentle side curves for added grace. The stylish face features double dials – perfect for the woman on the go – whether she’s racing between time zones or countries. Of course the watch has Philip Stein’s trademark natural frequency technology, which allows the wearer increasing immunity to the stresses of daily life. So not only will she look great when she gets there, she’ll feel great too.

The mini stainless steel case is accented on each end with a triple row of full-cut diamonds and a single row of full cut diamonds encircles the face. Diamond markers at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and curvy, oversized Arabic numbers at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock provide a bold counterpoint to the white calf leather double wrap-around leopard band.

A nice touch is the frosted color treatment on the crystal which creates a smooth harmony with the stainless steel and diamond elements. But the band steals the show.

6-SSSD Review: Philip Stein Modern Small Round Women’s Watch

Elegance meets Frequency Technology
Style meets Frequency Technology in this Philip Stein Modern Women's Watch

Exquisite, luxurious, majestic. All words to describe this stunning Philip Stein time piece. The 6D-SCDMOP Collections Modern Women’s Watch is simply breath-taking in beauty. Dress it up or dress it down, having this watch in your jewelry collection will give your outfits just the right amount of shine you need.

The round Swiss watch has a scattered diamond dial, a mother of pearl face and Arabic silver numbers. Full-cut diamonds complete the circle around the face. Not only is the watch face itself gorgeous, it has a stainless steel scattered diamond bracelet (18mm). The addition of diamonds on the bracelet makes this an unique watch, allowing it to be seen as more than just an elegant time piece, comparable to a simple diamond bracelet.

Captivating in appearance, yes, but that is just the beginning with this Philip Stein Collection piece. The 6D-SCDMOP Collections Modern Women’s Watch contains scratch resistant sapphire crystal to keep it looking brand new after each wear. It is 3-ATM water resistant, keeping it safe to wear rain or shine. The breath taking diamonds equal 0.91 carat total weight and is 35mm in size with a 1 3/8″ case. It is a battery operated quartz movement and features a GMT 2nd time zone.

You can find this particular Philip Stein on their website, priced at $3, 410. Also available is a second bracelet. They offer a stainless steel duo tone (silver and gold) for $285. Ideal if you want to pair it with other gold jewelry or your favorite gold earrings.

Sporty-Sheik: Philip Stein Chronograph Men’s Watch

Active design

From the Philip Stein Active Collection comes the Chronograph rose gold men’s steel watch (sku 32-ARG-RBB). Like pretty much any Philip Stein watch, it has enough class to be appropriate for many occasions, but also the individuality to set it apart from pretty much any other time piece design out there. The colors — white on gold on black, encircled with rose gold steel and accented by a black silicone strap — are sedated enough, but the way they are put together is anything but drowsy.

While the rose gold steel case on the Chronograph 32-ARG-RBB is round, the face under the dial window is shaped more like, well, a face. It is a creativity of design unique to Philip Stein. This men’s watch also boasts Philip Stein’s famed frequency technology, said to boost and balance a body’s energy. And it has a sapphire coated curved crystal dial window, 3 ATM water resistance, date and second sub dials, and a sleek, integrated black silicone strap that cannot be changed. The gold-plated steel case is 1.65 inches in diameter and the strap has a thorn-buckle closure.

The Chronograph 32-ARG-RBB retails for $500 and can be found at the Philip Stein website or an authorized reseller.

Philip Stein Collections Modern Women’s Small Round Stainless Steel Case Watch with Full-Cut Diamonds 6-SCDMOP

A silk leather platinum band provides the perfect monochromatic complement to the Small Round Stainless Steel case with Full-cut diamonds 6-SCDMOP

The Small Round Stainless Steel Case with Full-cut diamonds 6-SCDMOP from the Philip Stein Collections Modern elevates refined simplicity to a stunning artistic level. The Collections Modern signature Small Round stainless steel watch case is accented by a scattering of full cut diamonds.

The watch face is a study in understated elegance — a stainless steel case encloses a mother of pearl face with two overlapping dials both with silver-tone hands, while 0.13 carat total weight Scattered Diamond Markers provide the only other adornment. A silk leather platinum band provides the perfect monochromatic complement for a truly elegant look. Other band selections in silk leather olive, silk leather bronze and silk leather black offer the wearer the option of different sensibilities for different occasions.

In addition to being a leader in luxury watches, Philip Stein is known for pioneering the use of frequency technology to promote health and well-being. The Small Round Stainless Steel Case with Full-cut diamonds 6-SCDMOP makes use of Natural Frequency Technology introduced by the company in 2008. The company first premiered Electromagnetic Frequency Technology in 2003.  These proprietary technologies use the beneficial key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which is known to be harmonious and grounding to life as it springs from the chief resonance frequency of natural earth.

When worn on the wrist, the watch exposes frequencies to the biofield surrounding the person’s body, telling it, in effect, to relax. With continued wearing, a person becomes more and more resilient to the stresses of modern life. It is little wonder that celebrities such as Rupert Murdoch, Madonna and others have been regular customers for years. Oprah has twice remarked that her Philip Stein watch is one of her favorite things.