Beware of anyone who knows a lot about scams…

I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty frustrating to get 100+ new emails every day, only to find that about 10% of them are from people I know or do business with.  The other 90% are from any number of organizations, from my favorite bookstore to my alma mater, and most of them are looking to sell me something.  But I think the worst ones are those that try to make money by telling lies or half-truths, particularly the ones with subject lines like “Protect Yourself from Internet Scams”.  The reason I hate these so much is that they are trying to scam people into believing that they really care about whether or not you get scammed.  Ultimately they want you to pay them so they can scam you even further.  Get the picture?

Problem is, like many internet or direct response businesses, they operate on percentages.  You and I may know not to respond to spam emails, but does your grandmother know?  Probably not. 

In a similar fashion, I am frustrated with the number of well-optimized web sites out there promoting themselves as “experts” when they do nothing but spread rumors and lies.  A good example of this would be all the scam sites out there that talk about the Philip Stein watch scam, when Philip Stein watches were designed using scientific methods based on years of research and testing. 

Who knows how these things get started, but in the case of the so-called “Teslar scams”, I bet I can take a guess.  Someone most likely bought a replica watch online, claiming to be a genuine Philip Stein watch.  Then, when they didn’t reap the health benefits of Philip Stein’s patented frequency technology, they decided to warn the general public.  Other scam sites just copied them (since most are incapable of coming up with an original idea), and before long, the Philip Stein watch scam became an urban legend.

The “scammer” web sites know a lot about scamming the public.  Perhaps that’s why they’re so good at it.

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