A Constant Innovator, Philip Stein releases two new designs

Since the launch of the Philip Stein Teslar watch in 2002, the world of elite luxury watches has been forever changed.  It’s hard to believe this could happen because of the innovation of one brand, but thanks to their Natural Frequency Technology, the Philip Stein watch company has catapulted to the top of the high end luxury watch market.  As a result, they are one of the few companies releasing more new watch models in 2009 than in previous years. 

Two new standout designs are being released this month: the Cocktail watch for women and the Special Edition Titanium Chronograph for men.

How has such a new company like Philip Stein been able to stay ahead of the competition, even during a recession?

 By integrating the two diverse fields of mind/body wellness and luxury timekeeping, the Philip Stein Company has accomplished a great feat.  Their embedded natural frequency disks, as well as their superior design and craftsmanship set these watches apart.

 What is frequency technology?

The electromagnetic fields created by frequency emissions can either be helpful or harmful to our health.  The type of frequencies we should be exposed to are the same ones that are naturally present in the Earth, and in the brain when it is calm and relaxed.  However, thanks to modern technology, a vast array of extra-low frequencies (ELFs) invade our energy fields and throw our “chi” into a state of constant flux, which causes undue stress on our bodies and minds.  

Philip Stein Teslar watches have been using Single Frequency Technology (SFT) since 2003, but just introduced Multiple Frequency Technology for its Prestige collection in 2008.  Both work within the same beneficial range of 7-9Hz and utilize a metal disk that is embedded into the back of the watch’s case.  Through an interaction with the battery in the watch, these disks emit the proper frequency to repel stressful ELF emission and keep the body in a state of focused relaxation.  Wearers have reported better sleep, increased energy and concentration, and less stress.

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