A Magic Wand for a Dull Economy?

Despite the growing popularity of Philip Stein’s natural frequency watches, another luxury product is gaining in popularity this year.  It is Philip Stein’s new Wine Wand.  While the watches encourage the body to imitate the natural, harmonious frequencies embedded in the watch’s chip, the wine wand acts on similar principles.  Instead of imitating earthbound frequencies to impact the body’s bio-field, the wine wand imitates the properties, or frequencies, of oxygen to aerate wine. 

Why wait until oxygen naturally causes wine to breathe when you can infuse the properties of oxygen directly into wine with the wine wand?  Instead of waiting hours for wine to aerate, it can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  A more flavorful, aromatic table wine waits, promising to bring a bottle of wine to its most drinkable state in about five minutes.  Among wine connoisseurs, sommeliers, restaurateurs and gourmets, the wine wand has become an instant “hit”. 

Even during an economic slowdown, it is possible for a company with the right idea to turn a profit, especially when it is in the business of making people’s lives easier and less stressful. 

The next time you need to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list, consider the Philip Stein wine wand.  They are available in two sizes, and come with a variety of luxurious cases.  For a list of stores where the wine wand can be found, check out the Philip Stein web site at www.philipstein.com, or ask about the wine wand wherever Philip Stein watches are sold. 

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