A Teslar Scam should not surprise you

Ever since I became a huge fan of Philip Stein watches, I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if the frequency technology really works.  The short answer?  It really does! 

However, it doesn’t stop there.  I’ve also heard dozens of stories about people who have been a victim of a “Teslar scam”, disguised as a genuine Philip Stein watch.  Unfortunately, scams like these have become fodder for bloggers and social media junkies, who often try to hold the Philip Stein watch company accountable.  But this could not be further from the truth. 

Doesn’t it always seem like whenever someone comes up with a really useful, life-changing idea, like Philip Stein’s frequency technology watches, a scammer comes along and tries to duplicate the idea – and make a handsome profit? 

Well, this happened when the fake luxury watch manufactures realized the amazing potential with duplicating Philip Stein’s designs.  The only problem was, they didn’t have the secret that makes these watches truly amazing, so they just lied to the public and said they did, figuring most people wouldn’t know the difference.  This turned out to be a huge mistake.

When those who were fooled by the Teslar scam bought a cheap imitation Philip Stein watch (thinking it was the real thing), they were excited about more than the exterior design.  They also expected to reap the benefits of Philip Stein’s patented electromagnetic and natural frequency technology, including better sleep, less stress, and an overall feeling of calm.   When these benefits never manifested themselves, owners of the fake Philip Stein watches cried foul.  Sadly, they blamed the Philip Stein watch company instead of blaming the purveyors of fake luxury watches.

How can you keep yourself from becoming a victim of a Teslar scam?  The most important thing you can do is be sure you are buying a genuine Philip Stein watch.  This means buying it directly from a Philip Stein retail location, the Philip Stein web site, or an authorized retailer.   If you’re not sure whether your retailer is authorized, contact the Philip Stein Company and ask them.  Also, if you paying only $200 or less for the watch, you can be certain it is a fake.  Real Philip Stein watches are at least $500, with some of them costing quite a bit more. 

Lastly, if you do find yourself dealing with someone who is selling fake Philip Stein watches, find out their name and address and get information on their business license.  You may wish to report them to the authorities so that other people aren’t fooled by their Teslar scam. 

If you’ve ever worn a fake Teslar watch, once you try a real Philip Stein watch with natural frequency technology, you will feel the difference immediately.

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