A Toast to the Early Success of Philip Stein Watches

 It’s hard to believe that a company that started only seven years ago is already as successful as the Philip Stein watch company.  Since 2002, owners Will and Rina Stein have been creating beautiful timepieces that relax the body and mind.  Through the use of innovative natural frequency disks, embedded in the watches, the timepieces they design are strikingly different than any other watch.  Natural frequency technology improves the flow of energy in people’s bodies while wearing a Philip Stein watch. Fans of Philip Stein watches believe this really works, because they can feel the results.

A single frequency timepiece utilizes two chips, both of which interact with the electrical impulses of the batter and the magnetic field of the watch to create a harmonious frequency.  This natural, earthbound frequency is what makes people feel better while wearing the watch.  It is known to make people sleep better, relax more deeply and have an overall sense of well-being. 

Olympic athletes swear by these watches when they see the improvements in their performance.  Celebrities like Simon Cowell, Oprah, Isaiah Washington and Madonna all sing the praises of Philip Stein.  While the brand itself is still relatively new, it hasn’t taken long for word to get around about the power of Philip Stein watches, and their following continues to grow despite the global recession.

If you are looking for a therapeutic, stress relieving piece of fine jewelry, then look no further than the beautiful creations of Will and Rina Stein.  When it comes to style and substance, they know how to close the deal. 

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