Add this to your Philip Stein Wish List!

When it comes to ladies luxury watches, I’ve seen my share of incredibly glamorous ones in the stores of Fifth Avenue, the shops on the Champs-Elysees, and the jewelry havens in the Caribbean.  But the one that recently caught my eye was on display at Neiman Marcus.  It’s from the Prestige Collection by Philip Stein, and it is to die for! 


Double diamond case, infinite white pave diamond dial, dual time-zone face, and a Python Glamour Gold Dust strap.  And as if that wasn’t fabulous enough to look at, Philip Stein ladies watches (and men’s too) come with the patented natural frequency technology that makes you “feel good” when you where one. 


Frequency technology is the science behind the tiny chips embedded into every Philip Stein watch, each emitting a natural frequency that brings your body back into harmony with nature.  Consider this:  You just took a red-eye flight to LA, and didn’t sleep a wink.  Normally, if you needed to be at your best, this would cause fatigue, anxiety and crazy sleeping patterns – also known as jet lag.  Not when you are wearing a Philip Stein watch.  These watches are designed to change the electromagnetic field around your body, block out “electronic pollution”, and bring you back into a calm meditative state, despite your surroundings. 

So now not only can you look glamorous and sexy in your new Philip Stein Double Diamond timepiece, you can feel just as incredible as you look.  So ladies… what are you waiting for?  Stop at your nearest Philip Stein retailer and ask to see the Prestige Infinite White Pave Diamond watch.  You won’t regret it.

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