Already have a favorite watch? Try a Philip Stein Bracelet

You may already be aware of Philip Stein’s one-of-a-kind watches, also known as “feel good” watches, but most people don’t know that Philip Stein’s patented Teslar® technology is also available in bracelet styles.  Whether you choose a silk-wrapped steel, lizard, stainless steel, ostrich or alligator leather, these bracelets are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.  Available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, or wherever Philip Stein watches are sold, these classy cuffs not only look great, they will also make you feel terrific.

The secret that makes Philip Stein’s bracelets so appealing is a tiny integrated frequency-technology disk, which is commonly known as a Teslar® chip.  Just like their famous timepieces, each Philip Stein bracelet is embedded with frequencies that replicate the earth’s natural balance.  By bringing the wearer a sense of relaxation and overall health, and has also been known to relieve migraines, create relaxation, and improve job performance.

By eliminating the extra low frequency “electronic pollution” that disturbs the body’s natural balance, these bracelets can help to balance the wearer’s electromagnetic energy flow.  This electronic pollution comes from regular exposure to cell phones, computers, and electronics that we use in our everyday lives, and Teslar® has developed a way to combat these pollutants by adjusting our “frequency” back to reflect the natural balance of the earth’s natural frequency.

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