Are your Computers and Home Wiring Stressing You Out?

In this “wired” society, awareness of our exposure to electromagnetic energy is increasingly important.  We’re all so interconnected in today’s society, and most people rely on computers for completing everyday tasks. 

Overexposure to electromagnetic radiation has been connected with a variety of health problems, from anxiety to migraines, insomnia to leukemia, but most people are unaware of these threats.  Simple measurement devices can be used to determine your level of exposure.

If your home has high electromagnetic field (EMF) readings, it’s a good idea to determine the sources of these EMFs so you can take action to protect yourself. 

Instead of starting with your computers and home appliances, check to see if the electricity if the source of electricity to your home is coming in through a wall outside of the house.  If so, it may be wise to block off that room and use it for storage purposes only.  In many cases, the source of the EMF is incorrect wiring.  If you suspect this to be the case, then consult with a licensed electrician; don’t try to fix it yourself. 

Now, consider your computers.  EMFs can radiate from all sides of your computers, so you should not only be concerned about the exposure that comes from sitting directly in front of the monitor.

Truth is, even if you do your best to avoid overexposure to EMFs in your home environment, it is difficult to control this exposure in the office or other locations.  The best way to give yourself the added protection you need is by investing in a Philip Stein Teslar watch

Wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch sounds like an odd recommendation for EMF exposure, but they really work.  This is because a Teslar chip, embedded into the watch’s case, emits a healthier frequency – the same one found in the Earth.  A new electromagnetic field is created when the chip interacts with the watch’s battery, which keeps the wearer insulated from dangerous electronic pollution.  Constant exposure to this healthier field of energy can relieve stress, promote deeper sleep, and give the wearer an overall sense of relaxation and well being.

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