As this decade ends, bring your body back in synch with the Earth

As the earth spins on its axis tonight, revealing the first glimpse of golden sunshine in the Far East, a New Year and new decade will meet us on the other side. And despite our growing addiction to electronic devices, the Earth will continue to resonate at the same frequency as it has since the beginning of time. 

Every living thing, including human beings, emits its own unique electromagnetic field.  Problem is, so do all of our electronic devices.  Because we are so much more likely to be surrounded by electronics than we were in the past, our own energy fields are more influenced by the low-frequency fields they emit.  This can have a very negative effect on our overall health, causing conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, mood swings and hypertension. 

The founders of Philip Stein Teslar watches have been working on this problem for the past decade, and have found an answer that can be worn on the wrist.  Their luxury watches are worn by celebrities, athletes, business leaders and fashion models, and have enjoyed heartfelt endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Rupert Murdoch, to name a few.  Using a patented form of “frequency technology”, Philip Stein watches strengthen the body’s natural energy field, making wearers immune to the effects of damaging electromagnetic fields. 

So as the earth spins tonight, signaling the end of this decade of significant technological advancement, why not bring your body back into synch with the Earth’s natural frequency?  Wearing a Philip Stein watch will keep your body resonating at a much healthier frequency, and keep you feeling stress-free and healthy all year long.

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