Be careful shopping for Philip Stein watches as holiday gifts!

With the rising popularity of Philip Stein’s Teslar watches, don’t be surprised to see them listed as the number one gift on your loved ones’ lists this year.  The Philip Stein watch is not only a beautiful luxury timepiece, it is also known for its ability to make the wearer “feel good” by emitting a frequency that is the same as the natural resonance of the earth.  Because the watch’s frequency interacts with the wearer’s energy, or “chi”, it combats the stress that comes from overexposure to electromagnetic fields and leaves wearers feeling calm and relaxed. 

But before you run out and buy a Philip Stein watch online, it is important to be aware of Philip Stein watch scams.  A number of replica watch companies are selling watches that look a lot like the real thing, but are only cheap imposters making false claims.  Sure, the watches may look great when pictured online, and they may seem like a really good deal, but they are nothing but Teslar scams.  Like every other luxury replica, they are made with cheap metals that will eventually turn your wrist green, and they don’t offer any of the health benefits for which Philip Stein watches are famous.  

When you buy a Philip Stein watch, whether for yourself or your loved ones, be sure to buy it from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.  When it comes to the “feel good” benefits of these amazing luxury watches, you won’t want to wear anything but the true technology offered only by Philip Stein.

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