Bedroom Safety 101: Keep your Philip Stein watch on!

Okay, you’ve probably heard about kitchen safety, playground safety, even workplace safety, but bedroom safety?  That’s probably not the first thing on your mind when you turn out the lights each night, but if you’re worried about your health, it should be.

One of the major health risks in our modern world is overexposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from everyday appliances, cell phones, transformers and power lines.  But the truth is, these devices only become a major problem when we stand (or sleep) to close to them for long periods of time.  When we sleep, it is important to be mindful of our surroundings.  Things like electric blankets, water bed heaters, telephone answering machines and electric alarm clocks all emit EMFs all night long. 

Sure, you could unplug the water bed heater, switch to a thermal blanket, and move your phone and alarm clock at least six feet away, but there is an easier way to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of these devices.  Keep your Philip Stein Teslar watch on all day and all night.  Yes, it’s that simple.

By emitting the same natural frequency found in the earth (7.83 Hz), Philip Stein watches actually replace the damaging EMFs that surround you with healthy, harmonious frequencies.  The effect of this interaction is a safe and peaceful field of energy around the body; one that balances the body’s energy flow and keeps electronic pollution away.

Studies have shown that if you wear your Philip Stein watch all day and all night, the positive health effects are stronger.  These include deeper sleep, less stress, and an overall feeling of peace – a welcome addition to any bedroom.

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