Can a watch really affect your brainwaves?

Ever since Winfried Otto Schumann’s discovery of the earth’s natural resonance, scientists around the world have pondered how our exposure to this frequency impacts the human body.  The inherent frequency of the earth is 7.83 Hz, it is not the only frequency out there in the atmosphere. 

With all of the technology available to us today, most people are exposed to hundreds of different frequencies through throughout the day.  These come in the form of electromagnetic fields that are emitted from cell phones, appliances, power lines, computers, and almost every electronic device.  The more we are exposed to these frequencies, the less we are influenced by the earth’s natural resonance.

How does this affect our health? Exposure to extra-low frequency (ELF) fields, along with the pulsed microwaves emitted from cell phones, causes people to feel more anxious and stressed.  It also affects sleep patterns and mental acuity, and can cause depression, migraines, and a general feeling of malaise. 

The Philip Stein watch company has been a pioneer in developing Teslar technology, a form of frequency technology that was originally developed by Nikola Tesla to combat the effects of exposure to ELF electromagnetic fields.  By wearing a Philip Stein watch, which vibrates at the same 7.83 Hz frequency as the earth, one can become isolated from hazardous frequencies and maintain an overall sense of well-being.  Wearers of Teslar watches report deeper sleep, more energy, less stress, and improved concentration. 

Philip Stein watches are not only the best way I know of to reduce stress and feel great, they are also quite stunning to look at.  Luxury styles are available for men and women at fine retailers around the globe.

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