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Philip Stein Active Collection 32-AGR-RBGR Men’s Chronograph Watch

Men's stylish chronograph watch
An active timepiece in the Philip Stein collection

When it comes to Philip Stein timepieces, frequency technology is a guaranteed feature. Undeniable elegance and faultless design is another. No matter what your reason is, you are sure to be satisfied with your Philip Stein selection. This particular three-eye Philip Stein Active Collection 32-AGR-RBGR Men’s Chronograph Watch exemplifies everything Philip Stein stands for in form and technology.

At first glance you notice the unique design on the watch’s face. A brown wave pattern gives a floating illusion behind the three grey colored sub-dials. Small seconds are at the 9 o’clock position, GMT second time zone sub-dial is displayed at the 3 o’clock position and the date is exposed at the 6 o’clock position. Another perk of the Philip Stein Active Collection 32-AGR-RBGR Men’s Chronograph Watch is the sapphire coated curved mineral crystal that keeps the watch scratch-free on the surface. Sapphire is the most expensive and durable crystal, approximately three times harder than mineral crystals and twenty times harder than acrylic crystals.

The most talked about feature of Philip Stein watches is most likely the previously mentioned frequency technology. The integrated frequency technology helps to balance your body’s energy flow and stimulate an improved sense of well-being.

The Philip Stein Active Collection 32-AGR-RBGR Men’s Chronograph Watch is a single time zone piece that is water resistant in up to 100 feet. The strap is an integrated grey silicone, non-interchangeable strap. The band is 180mm in length and adjustable to 235mm with a thorn buckle closure. The case is stainless steel and 42mm in diameter.

This one of a kind chronograph is priced at $500.00 and available for purchase on the official Philip Stein website.

Philip Stein Women’s Active Collection 31-ARGW-RBW Bespeaks Quiet Authority and Monochromatic Glamour

The embedded frequencies in Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW keep the wearer centered and grounded.

Don’t let the demure good looks fool you. There’s a powerhouse behind the small rose gold steel case. This watch, from the Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW, like the grounded and centered woman who wears it, speaks with quiet authority and the confidence that comes from knowing her wishes will be obeyed.

The face is a study in monochromatic elegance: the white dial and sub-dials with cleverly displayed date and second functions play off the integrated white silicone strap. The watch’s traditional circular shape, somewhat unusual in a Philip Stein, is reinforced by the multiple concentric and overlapping circular designs on the watch dial. It’s a fitting choice considering the almost mythical power ascribed to circles.

A striking feature of  the Philip Stein Women’s Active Collections 31-ARGW-RBW is the limited use of Art Deco numbers outlined in the same rose gold steel as the case at the one, two, eight, nine, ten and eleven o’clock positions.

But it’s what inside that sets this watch apart from other timepieces. In each Philip Stein watch is a thin metal plate embedded with all of the key natural frequencies beneficial to life and health, foremost among them the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hertz waves per second, which is the earth’s chief harmonic frequency. Embedding this and other beneficial frequencies in the watch provides information to the human biofield.

As Will Stein, President of the Philip Stein Group, explains, “The biofield is the master energy field that regulates the body’s functions and tells it to relax. The holistic frequencies resonating in the watch inform and, in a sense, tune the body, and in doing so, the person becomes more in harmony with the natural earth, more centered and grounded.” In short, just like the woman who wears a Philip Stein.