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Philip Stein Women’s Signature 1DD-T-NM101: A Clever Take on Glamour

The Philip Stein Collections Signature 1DD-T-NM101 combines glamour with playful styling.

There’s no doubt that this Philip Stein Collections Signature Small Stainless Steel Case with Full-Cut Diamonds would be a lovely addition to any women’s wrist.  But perhaps all those feel good vibes that make you playful.  Because this watch, glamorous as it is, can’t help but wink a bit at its clever styling.

To start with there’s the face – as delicate as a snowflake.  The Nouveau Diamond Dial has scattered diamond markers that give the impression of being truly scattered and then ever so artfully rearranged with a few left loose for even greater effect.  Even more diamonds adorn the bezel for a total of 1.20 carat total weight.  A wavy, fretwork design on the crystal separates the two dials while an Arabic one o’clock and Roman seven o’clock on the lower dial is yet another example of the design juxtapositions that Philip Stein does so well.

The watch is shown with an Alligator Platinum Metallic strap that works well with the monochromatics of the watch face and adds interest by bringing in another textural element.

Interestingly, Philip Stein chose a taupe crystal for this watch.  While the slight coloration isn’t visible, it’s certain the design choice adds something to the overall effect, perhaps taking the chill off an otherwise wintry color theme.

That’s what’s on the outside. But as we all know, it’s the proprietary technology on the inside that makes the wearer more relaxed, more rested and more immune to life’s stresses.  The integrated active technology is designed to reinforce the human body’s electromagnetic field with a natural earth signal associated with calm, meditation, relaxation, and enhanced performance.

The Collections Signature 1DD-T-NM101 retails for $3800 and can be found at the Philip Stein website or an authorized reseller.

Philip Stein Collections Signatures Class Small Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch # 22-FMOP Review

This Philip Stein Signature Collections Classic Small Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch with Shiny Red Alligator strap and Natural Frequency Technology is designed to make the wearer look and feel stunning.

Stunning is how you’ll look and feel when wearing this Philip Stein Signature Collections Classic Small Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch # 22-FMOP with Shiny Red Alligator strap. Form meets function brilliantly in the gorgeous design of this three eye chronograph with mother of pearl dial and playful mix of Arabic numerals and dot markers encased in a sleek oval stainless steel case. The date is displayed at six o’clock.

The three chronographs, for hours, minutes and seconds, allow precise accounting of your busy day be it for work or play, and even buyers who purchased the watch initially for its striking looks have commented that they get full use of the chronograph functions.

A red alligator strap gives a luscious, sensual look to the watch, but other looks can be created simply by changing the strap. Additional straps are available in a plethora of colors, materials and textures, and the wearer is sure to find choices that will complement any wardrobe.

Apart from the stylish design and sumptuous styling of these sought after watches, what sets them apart the most is the way they make you feel. There will be an extra spring to your step because of the Natural Frequency Technology that Philip Stein embeds in each watch. Designed to emit a unique signal that helps strengthen the body’s natural electromagnetic energy field, Natural Frequency Technology helps wearers achieve deeper relaxation and enhanced performance.

So watch out world, this woman’s wearing a Philip Stein!

1D-G-FW Review: Philip Stein Collections White Signature Women’s Watch

Philip Stein's White Signature Women’s Watch
1D-G-FW: Philip Stein Collections White Signature Women’s Watch

Not only is this watch stunning in appearance, but it also upholds the Philip Stein reputation of bringing balance and positive energy, amongst other things. The 1D-G-FW Philip Stein Collections White Signature Women’s Watch is simply elegant. The white on white look of this women’s watch, with glimpses of silver, makes it easy to pair with any wardrobe item day or night. 

This signature watch is small in size and has a stainless steel case surrounded by full-cut diamonds. The gunmetal crystal, white dial with Arabic numerals and sapphire-coated curved mineral crystal makes this an eye-catching Philip Stein. The 1D-G-FW Philip Stein Collections White Signature Women’s Watch comes with an adjustable 6″ long, alligator white, 18mm strap with a tang buckle. You can also custom change the color of the strap on the website to one of 18 different shades, ranging from light pink metallic to teal. The interchangeable strap is just one of many ways to make this watch unique to your own personal style. 

The exquisiteness is not the only thing that makes this a must have. The 1D-G-FW Philip Stein Collections White Signature Women’s Watch has features like a GMT 2nd time zone, 3-ATM water resistance (30 meters/100 feet) and battery operated quartz movement. It is 42mm x 27mm in size and 0.72 carat total weight. Philip Stein watches work within a key frequency of 7-9 hertz, a frequency that is said to be harmonious and grounding to life. The frequency technology within this and other Philip Stein watches give reason behind why they are best-selling timepieces. 

It is available on the Philip Stein website and is exceptionally priced at $1,970.00. Also, if you would like to purchase an additional strap, you can choose between one of the 18 available for $225.00.