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A Modern Timepiece Based on Ancient Chinese Secrets?

In ancient China, so many incredible discoveries were made that it’s hard to believe that many of them go back more than 5,000 years.  One of their key findings was the discovery of “chi” energy, an unseen force that contributes greatly to our well being.  By identifying twelve meridians, or pathways, along which energy travels throughout the body, they formed a basis for therapeutic treatments like acupuncture and shiatsu massage, as well as Tai Chi.  The meridians of the body are the pathways of our central nervous system, so we can feel stressed when they are blocked.

The Chinese believed that matter and energy are just two different forms of the same substance, vibrating at different speeds. They believed that the subtle energy that travels through all things can be diverted, and thereby weakened, by the invasive frequencies that come from radios, cell phones and other electronics.  You see, we cannot experience the true natural energy, or frequency, found naturally in the Earth when our personal electromagnetic fields are being constantly bombarded with a jumble of chaotic external vibrations.

Flash forward to the modern era, and the Philip Stein watch collection.  These unique Teslar watches are embedded with a natural frequency disk that emits the same natural frequencies found in the Earth.  By wearing one of these watches, one can harness the natural resonance of the earth, the one that allows the body and brain to function most efficiently.

Like many other discoveries that claim to use frequency technology to further well-being, Philip Stein watches are often met with a certain level of skepticism.  Some bloggers persist in their claims about a Philip Stein Teslar scam.  It is unfortunate, but these rumors of Teslar scams are based on cheap replica watches.  The best way to learn more about Philip Stein Teslar watches is to try a real one.  Only then will you witness the transformation firsthand.

My Personal Story about Philip Stein Watches

According to Philip Stein, it seems like all we have to do is wear a specific type of watch, and all of our real and imagined stresses will begin to fall away.  That is assuming, of course, that we believe that our ills are created by a chaotic jumble of frequencies and a constant bombardment of our electromagnetic fields and impulses, causing a state of imbalance in both our physical and mental states.  At first blush, I have to admit, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  However, upon closer inspection, some scientific research, and most importantly – my own personal experience, I can see now how it works.

Perhaps it is the American way to need “proof” of everything first, especially things that do not rely on traditional science and known facts.  We tend to suspend belief in anything that appears too “new age” or “out there”.  Admittedly, I immediately put Philip Stein’s natural frequency watches in that category right from the start.  Like most consumers, I just wasn’t willing to put my wallet on the line to experiment with how much stress relief I would get from wearing an expensive Philip Stein watch.

But the fact is, whether I want to risk my money on a “feel-good” watch or not, there are plenty of people who have, and they have not been disappointed.  The watches are being sold in large numbers, not just because they are beautifully hand-crafted and stunning on the wrist, but because of their real therapeutic health benefits. But do they really work?

Maybe all consumers will need to try one to be completely convinced, and decide what the benefits actually are for them personally, but based on my experiences with Philip Stein watches so far, I do believe the world would be a much better place if we all had one.

Teslar Scams versus the Real Thing

People who keep up with the news about luxury watches already know that Philip Stein watches are the most revolutionary innovation in watch making since the invention of the chronograph.  Still, you may have heard some rumors about Philip Stein Teslar scams, and you may be feeling a little wary about buying one.  Allow me to dispel these rumors. 

A number of replica watch manufacturers noticed the unprecedented public interest created by Philip Stein watches when they first launched.  Face it, with Oprah and Madonna raving about a watch twice in the same week, the sales figures are bound to go through the roof.  If you were a luxury replica watch manufacturer dealer, wouldn’t you want to start making fake Philip Steins? 

Replica Philip Stein watches are a different story.  Because Philip Stein watches are best known for their therapeutic health benefits, most buyers find themselves looking for differences in the way they feel.  But when people wear an imposter, these changes never occur. Before you know it, people start comparing notes and calling the watches a fraud.  To be honest, all replica watches are a form of fraud.  That’s why you will want to be absolutely certain that you buy a real Philip Stein watch.

It is too bad that such an impressive company has had to deal with all these rumors about Philip Stein scams, especially when they have spent so much time and effort developing their incredible frequency technology. 

But take heart, there is a silver lining.  You can still purchase a real Philip Stein watch, and they really do work.  With so many styles to choose from, it can be stressful trying to decide on the right one for you, but rest assured.  Any stress you feel at the time of purchase will dissipate as soon as you start feeling the effects of genuine frequency technology.

Be careful shopping for Philip Stein watches as holiday gifts!

With the rising popularity of Philip Stein’s Teslar watches, don’t be surprised to see them listed as the number one gift on your loved ones’ lists this year.  The Philip Stein watch is not only a beautiful luxury timepiece, it is also known for its ability to make the wearer “feel good” by emitting a frequency that is the same as the natural resonance of the earth.  Because the watch’s frequency interacts with the wearer’s energy, or “chi”, it combats the stress that comes from overexposure to electromagnetic fields and leaves wearers feeling calm and relaxed. 

But before you run out and buy a Philip Stein watch online, it is important to be aware of Philip Stein watch scams.  A number of replica watch companies are selling watches that look a lot like the real thing, but are only cheap imposters making false claims.  Sure, the watches may look great when pictured online, and they may seem like a really good deal, but they are nothing but Teslar scams.  Like every other luxury replica, they are made with cheap metals that will eventually turn your wrist green, and they don’t offer any of the health benefits for which Philip Stein watches are famous.  

When you buy a Philip Stein watch, whether for yourself or your loved ones, be sure to buy it from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.  When it comes to the “feel good” benefits of these amazing luxury watches, you won’t want to wear anything but the true technology offered only by Philip Stein.

What is the difference between a Philip Stein Teslar watch and a Teslar Medallion?

In case you are unfamiliar with Teslar, it is a form of frequency technology that protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by continuously emitting an oscillating signal that ranges between 7 and 9 Hz.  Since the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the same one that is naturally found in the Earth, this is also the ideal frequency for optimum human functioning. 

Why would someone want to change their body’s natural frequency?

The human body is highly sensitive to the various external EMFs that emanate from electronics, particularly those devices that operate within close proximity to the body.  These would include computers, kitchen appliances, hair dryers, electric razors, electric blankets, alarm clocks and of course, cell phones.

Whenever the body’s natural bio-field is bombarded with a range of EMFs – which is most of the time – it responds by limiting its own energy flow until a better balance can be found.  This energy can often become blocked, causing fatigue, depression and stress.  And the net impact on the body can be far more harmful over time, causing such ailments as hypertension, anxiety and migraine headaches. 

Why a watch?  Why not a medallion?

Philip Stein watches have been known to prevent the body from feeling the impact of EMFs because it constantly emits a signal that is in the same range as the Earth’s, thereby realigning the body’s natural energy field to one that is more beneficial and healthy.   In order to be effective, however, the Teslar chip constantly oscillates. Otherwise, the body would become accustomed to the new frequency and it would lose its impact.

When a magnetic medallion is worn, it is not constantly oscillating, or changing its frequency.  Instead, it is a passive, static device.  Yes, it may work initially, but over time the effect wears off so it can no longer protect the body from EMFs; nor can it provide the calming sensation of a Philip Stein Teslar watch. 

To put it simply, there are no moving components in a medallion, which makes its impact on the body limited and static.  Only when there is constant stimulus to the body’s own energy field can Teslar be entirely effective.  A Philip Stein watch is an active device, which continues to work its magic long after you’ve forgotten you’re wearing it.

Going Back to Nature with Philip Stein Watches

As much as modern technology has improved our lives, it also has its downsides.  One of these is that we’ve become a sedentary people.  Another downside is how dependent we’ve become on computers, smart phones, GPS devices and the other electronic devices. 

Of course, our daily lives would change dramatically without the technology we enjoy today, but modern conveniences do come with a price.  Each device or appliance emits its own electromagnetic field, which interacts with the body’s unique field and causes stress, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.  This causes an interruption in the flow of energy throughout the body, and interferes with the body’s natural ability to manage stress. 

Because Philip Stein watches utilize the same natural frequency found in the Earth, they combat the dangers of extra-low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and help the wearer for more rested, relaxed and stress-free.  Research has shown that when the body is exposed to this natural frequency, it promotes a more restful sleep, reduces stress, and protects the body from the health hazards of electronic pollution.

Just like a weekend in a remote location can do a lot to refresh the body, the mind and the spirit; wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch can promote healing, relaxation and overall mental performance. 

But be sure you buy your Philip Stein watch from an authorized retailer.  Some replica watch companies have tried to reproduce Stein’s collection, resulting in a few Philip Stein Teslar scams.  The only way to be sure you are getting the genuine article, is to check the Philip Stein web site for a list of authorized dealers, and only buy from them.

How can you tell a real Philip Stein from a fake?

At first glance, it can be very difficult to tell a fake watch from a genuine luxury watch.  But to the trained eye, the differences are immeasurable.  With all the online watch stores cropping up, it is no surprise that well-meaning shoppers get fooled every day.  But shouldn’t the sale of fake “name brand” luxury items be illegal? 

Somehow, a large number of replica watch makers get away with passing off their cheap imposters for the real thing.  While most of their customers know they’re buying a fake, some people honestly think they’re buying a Rolex for $50! 

When it comes to Philip Stein watches, imposter watches present a much larger issue.  That is because these aren’t just your average luxury watch.  They contain a Teslar chip, embedded into the case, which works with the watch’s batter to create a harmonious energy field around the wearer. 

Since they were first introduced in 2002, Philip Stein watches have been featured on Oprah, praised by Madonna, and seen on the wrist of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, to name a few.  While the watches themselves are quite impressive looking, their biggest selling point is their ability to reduce stress, promote deeper sleep, and help wearers remain focused and relaxed.  In other words, it is the frequency technology that has made them so popular. 

Replica watch companies may know how to make their watches look similar to the real thing, but they have no clue about Teslar chips or frequency technology.  Looking for some telltale signs that your watch is fake?  Well, their fake “chips” don’t say “Teslar”, they include the words “water resistant” on the dial, and their straps are not interchangeable. 

A better way to keep from buying a phony Philip Stein watch is to make sure you only purchase one from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.  If you find yourself dealing with a company that sells fake designer watches, ask for their name, address, and business license.  It is time someone started reporting these scammers to the proper authorities.

Philip Stein Watch Company Thrives, Despite Economic Woes

In this lackluster economy, it can be hard to find a new product that does something new and different.  Most designers are “playing it safe” this year, hoping to sell everything in their collections at a decent mark-up.  But Philip Stein watches haven’t felt the effects of the recession, so they continue to innovate and add variety to their luxury watch collections.

Over the past seven years since they launched, the Philip Stein watch company has introduced more innovation and ingenuity into watchmaking than most watch companies have in the past fifty years. Their natural frequency technology has changed the lives of many people around the globe.

While they haven’t yet figured out a cure for cancer, Philip Stein Teslar watches are known for reducing stress, helping people sleep more soundly and promoting a general sense of well being among wearers.  Some people claim that they have experienced less chronic pain, fewer headaches and better concentration at work.  If you think about it, it is no wonder that these exciting watches have enjoyed growth during a recession.  These benefits are exactly what the general public needs right now. 

But like any other unique and groundbreaking product, there are always naysayers who claim it doesn’t work.  In fact, there are many people who claim that there is an intentional “Philip Stein watch scam” going on.  Let me assure you that this is untrue.  The only scam going on is the one that is perpetrated by replica watch dealers; those who claim to be selling Philip Stein watches but only deal in imposters.  Only when you purchase an authentic Philip Stein Teslar watch (from an authorized retailer), can you be assured that you are getting the real thing.

Peace, Love and a Philip Stein Watch

Whatever happened to the peace-loving generation of the sixties?  Life seemed so much simpler then, but in reality our country was dealing with a different set of problems.  Even the seventies and eighties seemed a lot less stressful than our world today.  Some will say it’s the post-9/11 era, and our insatiable greed in this country that has caused so much anxiety.  Living through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression doesn’t help either.  But even with all the bad news we hear about today, people in America just don’t seem to be as joyful and optimistic as they once were.  Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed we’re a lot less satisfied with life than we were a few decades ago. 

That’s when I started hearing a lot about the impact of low-level electromagnetic fields on our health, and how our exposure to computers, cell phones and countless other electronics is causing undue stress on our bodies.  At first I was a bit skeptical about whether this could be true, because I’ve always believed we are fairly resilient creatures, but scientists are showing real concern over this trend. 

The Philip Stein watch company was aware of this long before the first news reports about the detrimental effects of cell phones.  Their Teslar watches debuted in 2002 to wide critical acclaim, because their patented frequency technology has such a positive impact on the health of the wearer.  

Teslar watches work by emitting the same frequency that is present when the earth is in its most natural and harmonious condition.  This is also the frequency that exists in the human brain when it is in a relaxed and meditative state.  A new electromagnetic field is created around the wearer, which actually repels electronic “pollution” and its negative effects and promotes an overall sense of well being.

We may never go back the peace loving days of the sixties, the disco days of the seventies (thank God), or the optimism of the eighties and nineties, but by wearing a Philip Stein watch we can feel as if we had.  Just be sure you buy a genuine Philip Stein Teslar watch, not a replica, or you could be a victim of a Teslar scam.

How can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein watch?

If you’ve been paying attention to the “buzz” about Philip Stein watches, you may already know that the company has been dealing with a number of bloggers who claim the watches are nothing but a “Teslar scam”.  Some of these web sites even say that Philip Stein no longer uses a “Teslar chip”.  This has caused a number of inquiries with the company from people who feel they might have been scammed too. 

So, how can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein?

Well, first of all you probably spent a fair amount of money on it.  You either purchased it from a Philip Stein boutique, or from a high-end retailer like Neiman Marcus.  The Philip Stein web site provides a list of authorized retail locations, so if the store where you bought yours isn’t listed, then it is probably a fake. 

Your watch will say Philip Stein on the dial.  If the words “Water Resistant” are on your watch, then it is definitely not a real Philip Stein watch. 

A real Philip Stein Teslar watch will have a small clasp that allows for an easy switch of watchbands.  It will not have the standard pins that most watches use.  If you see pins instead of a clasp, your watch is definitely a replica.

Finally, if your watch is genuine it will have two chips embedded into the case.  Surrounding these chips will be the words “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see these words on your chips, you don’t have the real thing. 

Don’t be fooled by all the Philip Stein Teslar scam web sites.  They are obviously written by people who have purchased a replica watch and feel they are being scammed by the company.   While it is true they were scammed, they should be aiming their criticism at the replica watch retailer where they purchased it, not the Philip Stein watch company. 

Now you know.  Spread the word!