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Philip Stein Offers Feel-Good-Fashion!

As we settle into the reality of January, and try to get back to our normal routines, maybe it’s time to look for a new watch to make sure you stay on schedule.  But getting back to the real world also adds so much stress to our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great if a new watch could also give you the extra energy you need to get the dark days of winter? 

Philip Stein’s Teslar watches can give you that extra bit of energy, plus a whole lot more.  Philip Stein uses patented frequency technology disks, also known as Teslar chips, in all of their watches for men and women.  Their elegant collections of dual-time-zone analog watches are not only pristine and classy; they have some pretty impressive health benefits too. 

Embedded in the case of each watch are Teslar chips, which emit a unique signal that actually help your body repel negative electromagnetic alpha waves, restoring your natural “bio-field” to a more balanced frequency. 

In our world of gadgets, computers, cell phones and electronics, we are surrounded by electronic pollution from all sides throughout the day.  It is no wonder our body’s are out of balance with nature.  Our only defense against this perpetual barrage of electromagnetic fields is a consistent exposure to the earth’s naturally occurring frequencies. 

So when you can’t get away from the dark days of January, and spend time soaking up rays in the southern hemisphere,  a Philip Stein watch will help you experience a more positive mental outlook, less stress and an overall sense of well-being.

Need to Relax More? Get a Philip Stein Watch

People who watch the Oprah Winfrey show regularly may already know this, but there is something very special about a Philip Stein watch.  Not only are they considered the “top of the line” in luxury watches, they are well known for their life-changing holistic health benefits.  What can be “holistic” about a watch, you may ask?  Well, let’s put it this way… Philip Stein watches not like any other luxury watch on the market. 

Philip Stein Teslar timepieces have an embedded microchip that uses frequency technology.  The watch actually emits a unique signal that works in conjunction with the battery’s electromagnetic field to strengthen the body’s defenses against stress-causing electronic pollution.  By emitting the same frequency that is present when the body is in a calm, meditative state, the chip in these watches alters the body’s natural electromagnetic energy field.

The reason these watches work so well is because they emit a key frequency of 7-9 Hz, which is the chief resonant frequency that exists naturally in the earth.  Physicists discovered that this frequency has a calming influence on the human body, because it is less frenetic and more harmonious with nature.  Exposure to this elemental frequency is what helps wearers of Philip Stein watches sleep better, experience less stress and remain focused. 

Wearing a Philip Stein watch exposes your “bio-field” to these natural frequencies, and informs the body to relax.  Relaxation is the key to stress-resistance, better sleep and increased energy.  It also means fewer migraines, an end to jet lag, and a strengthened immune system.  But perhaps the most exciting part about these frequencies is how they give you an overall sense of well-being.

A Modern Timepiece Based on Ancient Chinese Secrets?

In ancient China, so many incredible discoveries were made that it’s hard to believe that many of them go back more than 5,000 years.  One of their key findings was the discovery of “chi” energy, an unseen force that contributes greatly to our well being.  By identifying twelve meridians, or pathways, along which energy travels throughout the body, they formed a basis for therapeutic treatments like acupuncture and shiatsu massage, as well as Tai Chi.  The meridians of the body are the pathways of our central nervous system, so we can feel stressed when they are blocked.

The Chinese believed that matter and energy are just two different forms of the same substance, vibrating at different speeds. They believed that the subtle energy that travels through all things can be diverted, and thereby weakened, by the invasive frequencies that come from radios, cell phones and other electronics.  You see, we cannot experience the true natural energy, or frequency, found naturally in the Earth when our personal electromagnetic fields are being constantly bombarded with a jumble of chaotic external vibrations.

Flash forward to the modern era, and the Philip Stein watch collection.  These unique Teslar watches are embedded with a natural frequency disk that emits the same natural frequencies found in the Earth.  By wearing one of these watches, one can harness the natural resonance of the earth, the one that allows the body and brain to function most efficiently.

Like many other discoveries that claim to use frequency technology to further well-being, Philip Stein watches are often met with a certain level of skepticism.  Some bloggers persist in their claims about a Philip Stein Teslar scam.  It is unfortunate, but these rumors of Teslar scams are based on cheap replica watches.  The best way to learn more about Philip Stein Teslar watches is to try a real one.  Only then will you witness the transformation firsthand.

My Personal Story about Philip Stein Watches

According to Philip Stein, it seems like all we have to do is wear a specific type of watch, and all of our real and imagined stresses will begin to fall away.  That is assuming, of course, that we believe that our ills are created by a chaotic jumble of frequencies and a constant bombardment of our electromagnetic fields and impulses, causing a state of imbalance in both our physical and mental states.  At first blush, I have to admit, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  However, upon closer inspection, some scientific research, and most importantly – my own personal experience, I can see now how it works.

Perhaps it is the American way to need “proof” of everything first, especially things that do not rely on traditional science and known facts.  We tend to suspend belief in anything that appears too “new age” or “out there”.  Admittedly, I immediately put Philip Stein’s natural frequency watches in that category right from the start.  Like most consumers, I just wasn’t willing to put my wallet on the line to experiment with how much stress relief I would get from wearing an expensive Philip Stein watch.

But the fact is, whether I want to risk my money on a “feel-good” watch or not, there are plenty of people who have, and they have not been disappointed.  The watches are being sold in large numbers, not just because they are beautifully hand-crafted and stunning on the wrist, but because of their real therapeutic health benefits. But do they really work?

Maybe all consumers will need to try one to be completely convinced, and decide what the benefits actually are for them personally, but based on my experiences with Philip Stein watches so far, I do believe the world would be a much better place if we all had one.

Teslar Scams versus the Real Thing

People who keep up with the news about luxury watches already know that Philip Stein watches are the most revolutionary innovation in watch making since the invention of the chronograph.  Still, you may have heard some rumors about Philip Stein Teslar scams, and you may be feeling a little wary about buying one.  Allow me to dispel these rumors. 

A number of replica watch manufacturers noticed the unprecedented public interest created by Philip Stein watches when they first launched.  Face it, with Oprah and Madonna raving about a watch twice in the same week, the sales figures are bound to go through the roof.  If you were a luxury replica watch manufacturer dealer, wouldn’t you want to start making fake Philip Steins? 

Replica Philip Stein watches are a different story.  Because Philip Stein watches are best known for their therapeutic health benefits, most buyers find themselves looking for differences in the way they feel.  But when people wear an imposter, these changes never occur. Before you know it, people start comparing notes and calling the watches a fraud.  To be honest, all replica watches are a form of fraud.  That’s why you will want to be absolutely certain that you buy a real Philip Stein watch.

It is too bad that such an impressive company has had to deal with all these rumors about Philip Stein scams, especially when they have spent so much time and effort developing their incredible frequency technology. 

But take heart, there is a silver lining.  You can still purchase a real Philip Stein watch, and they really do work.  With so many styles to choose from, it can be stressful trying to decide on the right one for you, but rest assured.  Any stress you feel at the time of purchase will dissipate as soon as you start feeling the effects of genuine frequency technology.

Let 2010 be the year that you eliminate stress!

As the year winds down, and the slower pace of the holiday season draws to a close, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of workaday world.  Research continues to show how much stress really affects our health, and worsens conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and gastrointestinal disorders.  Stress can also cause migraines, cardiovascular disease, and increase our chances of catching the common cold.

If you don’t want stress to rule your life again this year, maybe now is the time you took action against it.  There are many things you can do on a daily basis to control stress, such as yoga, exercise, meditation, and getting more sleep, but there is one thing you can do that takes very little effort and continues to work all day long.  It is the simple act of wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watchPhilip Stein watches come equipped with a tiny chip that works in conjunction with the watch’s battery and coil to create a healthier frequency around the body.  This frequency, which resonates at 7-9 Hz, replicates the calming natural frequency of the earth, and informs the body and mind to relax and clear blocked energy passageways.

Why does a Philip Stein watch work so well? The main reason that we need to readjust the frequency of the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us is because of our 24/7 relationship with electronic devices, like cell phones and computers.  Often referred to as “electronic pollution”, these convenient devices emit frequencies that can dramatically alter our energy level and reaction to stress. 

A new Philip Stein Teslar watch may be just what you need to be able to keep your New Year’s resolutions this year.

Start the New Decade with Great Health and a Philip Stein Watch

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of this decade, especially in the area of technology.  Remember when a watch was just a watch?  Gone are the days when a watch was just a portable device for timekeeping.  Today, they do everything from GPS functions to simple computing.

Also within the past ten years, we saw the introduction of Philip Stein Teslar watches, with their own brand of technology designed to enhance well-being.  Their frequency-technology can improve sleeping patterns and help wearers improve their concentration while reducing stress levels.

Since their introduction in 2002, Philip Stein watches have gained traction because of some influential celebrity endorsements.  Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Madonna, Rupert Murdoch and Jack Nicholson lead a long list of entertainers, business leaders and sports stars that have personally benefitted from Philip Stein’s breakthrough timepieces.

A signal emitted from the watches interacts with the watch’s battery and timing coil, generating a zero-point waveform that pulses at a frequency of 7-9 Hz.  The result is a cocoon of calming influences on the body’s bio-field, which makes it better able to deflect the negative effects of electronic pollution.  In a world that is powered by Blackberries, GPS devices, microwaves, computers and all sorts of electronics, the Philip Stein Teslar watch makes it possible for the body to function as if these devices never existed. 

These smart-looking timepieces are available in brushed and polished steel, 18K gold, with or without diamonds, and most feature a dual time-zone dial.  If you didn’t get everything on your list this holiday season, or you are looking for a way to ensure you start the New Year with a competitive edge, consider getting yourself a Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Is “Electronic Pollution” Affecting the Quality of your Life?

Millions of Americans are feeling more stressed, which is affecting their relationships, health, and sleep patterns.  In fact, stress has become a major public health threat.  One of the most pressing reasons for this is our exposure to extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic energy, also known as electronic pollution. 

Getting into better eating and sleeping habits can help with stress management, but sometimes they are not enough.  That’s why I recommend a more effective method of stress reduction – wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Here’s why:

• With all the computers, cell phones, and electronic devices (like iPods, GPS systems and PDAs) we use every day – our exposure to electronic pollution has never been higher.  Just think about how hard it would be to get through the day without your cell phone, microwave, dishwasher, hairdryer, computer, GPS and TV.

• Wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch is an effective way to protect yourself from these energy zapping low frequency electromagnetic fields.  It will also help you enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. 

• Every Philip Stein watch is equipped with embedded Teslar chips.  They emit a unique signal that interacts with the body’s natural energy field and strengthens it, making the wearer immune to the effects of electronic pollution.  It is one of the easiest ways I know of to increase energy and feel more capable of handling stress. 

• It may seem a little far-fetched to think that wearing a certain type of watch would be so effective in increasing your energy and decreasing your stress level, but the science behind Philip Stein’s timepieces is grounded in scientific facts, and they really work.  Celebrities like Oprah and Madonna, have long extolled the benefits of wearing a Philip Stein watch, so much so that they have given them unsolicited public endorsements from the very beginning. 

Once you start feeling more energetic and less stressed out, you will wonder how you ever got by without a Philip Stein watch.

Calming Anxiety in the New Year

If you’re suffering from anxiety or stress, you are not alone.  Over the past year, many Americans who never thought they would need to worry about anxiety have started to feel the pinch of the economy: job loss, foreclosure, business failure or financial hardship. 

After doing some research on how doctors treat anxiety patients, it appears that much of their advice is focused around meditative techniques like deep breathing, yoga, or positive self-talk.  But there is another way to control anxiety. 

By wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch, it is easy to keep stress and tension at bay.  People who have been wearing a Philip Stein timepiece for years are always happy to provide a glowing testimonial about how much better they feel since they started wearing one.  Being a bit curious, I decided to check them out. 

My research has shown that the watches really do work on a very strong scientific basis.  By emitting a frequency that is identical to the one which is found naturally in the earth, and creating a timed interaction with the body’s own natural energy field, Philip Stein watches can actually make you feel refreshed, relaxed and more alive. 

According to the information I found on the company’s web site, Philip Stein watches are designed around the premise that a barrage of electromagnetic energy fields (emitted from our favorite electronic devices) are threatening our ability to remain balanced and centered.  By fortifying the body’s natural bio-field with the frequency of 7.83 Hz, these luxury watches actually reset the body’s balance and inform the wearer to relax. 

I don’t know about you, but I think buying a Philip Stein watch is a great way to start out 2010!

Counting Down to 2010 with a Philip Stein Teslar Watch

If you’re like most people in this country, you won’t be too sad to say goodbye to 2009.  Let’s put it this way, this year won’t go down in history as a shining moment in history.  Whether this was the year you lost your job, lost your home or lost a lot of money in your business, you probably won’t be sad to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve as we usher in 2010. 

A year that started out with unprecedented job losses, a tumbling stock market, and every industry looking for a bailout, ended with the H1N1 flu virus, weather disasters, global tensions and a Christmas Eve vote on healthcare reform.  Even though things are starting to improve in some sectors, a full recovery in the economy still seems out of reach.

Knowing how 2009 went, shouldn’t you consider arming yourself with every possible remedy against stress? 

One such remedy can be found in a Philip Stein Teslar Watch. By introducing natural frequencies through the meridian that begins in the left wrist, the body is informed to relax.  That’s because the watch emits the same frequencies found naturally in the Earth’s most harmonious state (7.83 Hz).  By strengthening the body’s natural bio-field, Philip Stein watches also help protect the wearer from the adverse health effects that come from radical electromagnetic fields, which come from electronics and cell phones. 

Beautifully designed and luxurious, Philip Stein watches make a great gift to yourself.  Consider it a reward for getting through 2009, and a great way to start off the New Year.