Check out the First-Ever Single Movement Collection of PHILIP STEIN® Watches

The Philip Stein Company has become synonymous with mind/body wellness through the integration of natural frequency technology into their luxury watch collections.  Their timepieces are known for balancing the flow of energy in the wearer’s body, thereby reinventing the luxury watch. 

Using their patented “frequency technology”, the Philip Stein Company embeds a chip into every watch which emits the same frequency that is associated with calmness and harmony with the earth.  By aligning with these frequencies and adjusting the body’s electromagnetic field, wearers of Philip Stein watches report an improved sense of well-being, energy and relaxation.  Many famous Philip Stein fans, including Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, swear by Philip Stein watches, saying they now get a more restful sleep, feel less anxiety, and are less likely to suffer from jet lag. 

In this high-stress world we live in, excitement is high about Philip Stein watches.  Two new collections, the Classic and the Active, are now available in beautiful styles for men and women.  Attractively priced and starting at just $400, these single-movement timepieces incorporate all the best qualities of Philip Stein’s higher priced collections, but target a much broader audience for these revolutionary timepieces. 

Philip Stein watches have received a lot of valuable media attention recently, twice appearing on Oprah’s list of “Favorite Things” and also featured on CNN, the View, and E! Entertainment News. 

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