Check out the latest Philip Stein Ladies’ Teslar Watches

I write a lot about the benefits of Philip Stein watches, particularly because of their patented Teslar frequency technology, but I thought it was time to talk about another attribute of these luxury watches – their appeal to women.

Rather than thinking only of the “feel good” qualities of these watches, remember they are also considered a very high end luxury timepiece and would be popular with women even if they didn’t include Teslar technology.

Here are a few of the Philip Stein watches that caught my eye at a recent watch show in New York.

The Philip Stein Teslar Ladies’ watch with a pink leather strap.  I know, pink is not necessarily your favorite color, but this watch is available in a vast array of strap colors and textures.  I just happened to like the way it looked in pink.  This particular watch was a slim ultra-feminine watch, with a sophisticated dual time-zone watch and dozens of diamonds around the bezel.  It is one of the pricier Philip Stein Teslar watches in the prestige collection, but it also is one of the only ladies’ watches available with Multiple Frequency Technology. This means its more advanced Teslar chips operate on multiple frequencies, rather than the single 7.83 Hz frequency used in other Philip Stein watches. 

For the more professional, less “girly” woman, the Philip Stein Ladies’ stainless steel watch from the Modern Collection was my favorite.  Featuring a round case, rather than Philip Stein’s signature oval dial, this watch would work well with any wardrobe.  Its single frequency Teslar technology emits a unique signal that repels stress-causing electromagnetic fields, particularly those given off by mobile phones and other electronic devices. The modern, chunky bracelet is made of a shiny stainless steel with curves and angles in all the right places. 

Check out the entire collection of Ladies’ Philip Stein Teslar watches at any authorized Philip Stein retailer and customize the case and strap to match your own personal style.

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