Chocolate Brown Philip Stein Watch has Vintage Appeal

The Philip Stein Natural Frequency watch not only provides a healthy feeling of peace and tranquility, it also brings high style to any ensemble.  Each timepiece is crafted by top designers to “out-class” almost any other luxury watch on the market.  Well known celebs like Kris Aquino, Oprah and Isaiah Washington have been seen wearing these beautiful watches around town.

A good example of this fine design is the small round stainless-steel watch with full-cut diamonds.  The face is made of a deep chocolate brown with a sunbeam insignia radiating out of from the small lower dial.  These stripes, which are formed from raised edges around the face, are somewhat reminiscent of the logo from the Obama campaign, signifying hope and change like a sunrise emerging at dawn. 

Delicate diamonds are sprinkled about like early morning stars, and a bezel of full-cut diamonds anchors the case’s rim with added glitz.  In all, the diamond weight of this watch is just under a carat, at .91, and the watch looks just as incredible with black-tie attire as it does with business-casual.  While it’s definitely not a “sports watch” it can be worn with almost any outfit.

The bronzy brown of the face may seem a little limiting to some, especially if you are accustomed to black or stainless, but the chocolate tone lends a charming, antique appeal to the watch, making it appear more like a vintage timepiece without compromising on its modern look.

This round, chocolate-faced diamond watch is just one example of the genius that has driven the Philip Stein Company to be a success.

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