Counting Down to 2010 with a Philip Stein Teslar Watch

If you’re like most people in this country, you won’t be too sad to say goodbye to 2009.  Let’s put it this way, this year won’t go down in history as a shining moment in history.  Whether this was the year you lost your job, lost your home or lost a lot of money in your business, you probably won’t be sad to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve as we usher in 2010. 

A year that started out with unprecedented job losses, a tumbling stock market, and every industry looking for a bailout, ended with the H1N1 flu virus, weather disasters, global tensions and a Christmas Eve vote on healthcare reform.  Even though things are starting to improve in some sectors, a full recovery in the economy still seems out of reach.

Knowing how 2009 went, shouldn’t you consider arming yourself with every possible remedy against stress? 

One such remedy can be found in a Philip Stein Teslar Watch. By introducing natural frequencies through the meridian that begins in the left wrist, the body is informed to relax.  That’s because the watch emits the same frequencies found naturally in the Earth’s most harmonious state (7.83 Hz).  By strengthening the body’s natural bio-field, Philip Stein watches also help protect the wearer from the adverse health effects that come from radical electromagnetic fields, which come from electronics and cell phones. 

Beautifully designed and luxurious, Philip Stein watches make a great gift to yourself.  Consider it a reward for getting through 2009, and a great way to start off the New Year.

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