Cultivating a Sense of Humor with a Philip Stein watch

Cultivating a healthy sense of humor can do a lot to relieve stress and lighten a difficult situation.  Even though life can be pretty hard sometime, being able to laugh at life’s trials can really lighten the load. 

Over the past year, many Americans found themselves coping with economic hardships like unemployment, foreclosure and dwindling retirement assets. As a result, stress-related illnesses and depression have risen to near epidemic proportions.  While it can seem impossible to laugh at situations like this, finding the humor in life is sometimes the best remedy for stress. 

The Philip Stein watch company has developed a form of frequency technology, embodied in all of their watches that will help you develop more of a light-hearted approach to living.  It is actually based on the notable discoveries surrounding electromagnetism and the Schumann Resonance.  Most people are unaware of this, but the low frequency emissions that come from appliances, cell phones and computers can seriously impact their stress level.  By interacting with the body’s natural bio-field and creating a natural shield against these emissions, the body is restored to its synchronicity with nature.

Every Philip Stein watch is made with a Teslar chip that emits the same frequency (7.83 Hz) at which the Earth naturally resonates.  Because wearers of Philip Stein Teslar timepieces are so much less stressed, they also sleep better, work smarter, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.  And most importantly, they find it easier to laugh at the small stuff.

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