Do You Really Need a Watch to Make You Feel Better?

This is the time of year when we all try to keep our New Year’s resolutions, which may include forming healthier habits like eating right, exercising and getting more sleep.  If you are taking your 2010 resolutions seriously, then you may have already signed up for a yoga class, started a low-carb diet, or vowed to get more sleep.  Feeling the positive effects of new habits like these is what keeps people motivated, but we often find that life’s demands get in the way of sticking to our resolutions. 

Before you give up on the new habits you’ve formed this year, consider doing something for yourself that will reduce your stress and make you feel better all year long.  Wearing a Philip Stein watch will give you the tools you need to make the most of each day.  The watches work because of an interaction between the watch’s battery and a Teslar chip, which is embedded into the case.  Together, they send out a signal that is the same as the one found in the Earth’s most elemental state.  This brings your body back into balance and releases blocked energy pathways, making you feel stronger, healthier and calm. 

Experts say that when your mind and body are in balance, you sleep better, have more energy, and strengthen your response to environmental stresses. But Philip Stein watches take this one step further.  When the watch releases the 7-9 Hz frequency, it also protects you from the constant barrage of negative energy fields emitted by electronics, cell phones and appliances.  These electromagnetic fields have been known to cause long-term illness, anxiety and depression, but wearing a Philip Stein watch will make your body resistant to these effects. 

Keeping your resolutions may be a challenge, but with a Philip Stein watch, you have a much better chance of success!

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