Do you really need another luxury watch for the holidays?

If you’re like me, you plan on spending the next three weeks rushing from store to store, shopping online, decorating, partying, baking and celebrating the holiday season.  I look forward to the holiday season, but sometimes it’s hard to enjoy it once it gets here.  Stress and exhaustion usually keep me from relaxing, which can be a real drain on my energy this time of year.  If there was ever a time of year when I need some stress management tips, it is now.

Interestingly, just when I was thinking about how I’m going to get through another hectic holiday season, a friend of me started raving about a gift she bought for herself last week.  It is a Philip Stein Teslar watch.  Since I’d never heard of a Philip Stein watch, I was intrigued when she told me that it actually reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and gives you more energy.  Wow, three things I could really use right now… hmmm. 

If you had asked me last week whether I wanted a new luxury watch for Christmas, I wouldn’t have said yes.  But now that I’ve started researching the collections of Philip Stein women’s watches, I am putting it at the top of my list.  The styles they offer are beautifully designed.  My favorite is a double-diamond watch from the Signature collection, with a turquoise leather strap, but there are so many beautiful styles to choose from.  Now that my husband knows what I want, I am getting very excited about Christmas morning.

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