Does Your Teenager “Text” Too Much? Stop complaining and buy them a Philip Stein watch

The recent report about cell phone use and brain tumors reveals truths about this controversial topic, and sheds an entirely new light on what we know about electromagnetic radiation.  Cell phones have long been suspected of causing damage to the brain because of their emission of amplified electromagnetic fields in such close proximity to the head.  

The groups affiliated with this study include the EM Radiation Research Trust (UK),, the EMR Policy Institute and the Peoples Initiative Foundation (US). It concludes that there is a risk of brain tumors from cell phone use, and that children are at a higher risk than adults.  It also alleges that previous studies, funded by the telecom industry, have intentionally underestimated this risk (surprise, surprise!). 

This conclusion came as no surprise to the Philip Stein watch company, whose Teslar watches were introduced seven years ago to wide public acclaim.  The Teslar watch collection is Philip Stein’s answer to “electronic pollution” because it employs frequency technology to mitigate the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields.  According to studies conducted in conjunction with the founders of Teslar and Philip Stein watches, people who wear these watches are surrounded by an energy field that mimics the natural resonance of the Earth.  By creating a new, healthy electromagnetic field around the body, it is possible to protect yourself (and your teenager) from the damaging effects of these fields. 

As if this isn’t enough good news for parents, Philip Stein bracelets and watches are also known for helping control stress, anxiety and lack of concentration while improving the wearers overall disposition.  Given the number of text messages most teenagers send and receive each month, it is comforting to note that this “preferred” method of communication may actually be healthier for them than talking on the phone –  and it doesn’t hurt to know that wearing a Philip Stein will actually make them more pleasant to have around!

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