Don’t Let Stress Keep You Down

Stress is quickly becoming the number one public health problem in America.  But surprisingly, there don’t seem to be many helpful remedies for it.  Sure, we can get more sleep, exercise, eat right, and read a book on time management, but most of us still grapple with anxiety and stress on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, one of the primary stressors in our environment is caused by electromagnetic fields – the extra-low frequency (ELF) type that emanate from our cell phones, computers, and everyday appliances.  Some people call this “electronic pollution”, and it has received quite a bit of publicity lately.  That’s because most of us are surrounded by these ELF fields more often than ever before, and researchers are finding it hard to keep up with the influx of technology in our daily lives.

The Philip Stein company has created an answer to stress-causing ELF fields, and other forms of electronic pollution.  Their collection of Teslar watches are not only luxurious and beautiful to look at, they also incorporate frequency technology into every timepiece.

 Frequency-based technology is encapsulated into a tiny Teslar chip, and embedded into the case of each Philip Stein watch, and it is the secret to the company’s success.  By utilizing these alloy chips, which mimic the frequency of the earth, the chips balance the energy flow in the body of the wearer, and create a healthy energy field that replaces hazardous electromagnetic fields.  The net result is that the wearer feels less stress, sleeps better, and feels more energized. 

Several studies have been conducted on Philip Stein watches, and most people find that they’ve never felt better.  Results keep coming in, and people attribute all sorts of health benefits to the watches, but the number one benefit seems to be stress reduction. 

Oh, and did I mention these are some of the most beautiful luxury watches on the market?

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