Don’t Let the Holiday Rush Stress You Out

Welcome to the busiest season of the year – the Holidays!  If you’re like me, you are spending a lot of time rushing from store to store this weekend, trying to get the best deals available.  While all the anticipation and planning can be a lot of fun, It is also exhausting, financially draining, and stressful. 

Philip Stein watches offer relief from holiday stress, and a way to escape all the anxiety surrounding the season.  Available in three beautiful collections – Prestige, Signature, and Modern – a Philip Stein is more than just a beautiful luxury timepiece. 

By shielding the body from all the extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields in our environment (coming from electronics, microwaves and cell phones), these smartly designed watches give the wearer a feeling of peace, relaxation and good health.  The Teslar chip, embedded in the case of each Philip Stein watch, emits a signal that causes a chain reaction within the bio-field of the wearer, bringing their natural energy field back into synch with the frequency of the Earth.  Not only does this help reduce the stress that comes from external ELF radiation sources, it also protects the body from the long term harmful effects of this exposure. 

The net result of wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch is that you get to relax and enjoy the holiday rush, without letting it control your mood.  So before you start searching for that “perfect gift” for everyone on your list, buy yourself the gift of a Philip Stein watch.

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