Don’t Throw Away Your Cell Phone – Wear a Philip Stein Watch

Over the past seven years, the topic of frequency technology has generated Google searches to numerous to count; especially since the media began reporting the dangers of exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields.  The scariest part of this is that, until recently, very little research had been done on the effects of this exposure. 

One area that has been covered a lot lately is the pulsed microwave frequencies commonly generated by cell phones. These frequencies, which are emitted in close proximity to the brain, have been the topic of many scientific studies on electromagnetic fields. 

This doesn’t mean you have to stop using your cell phone though.  Overexposure to these damaging frequencies is unavoidable in our modern world.  The good news is that the Philip Stein watch company has a way to shield your body from these damaging energy fields.  Their patented frequency technology offers a way to repel these electrical impulses by creating an entirely new electromagnetic field around the body, one that strengthens the body’s natural defenses against harmful emissions.

By releasing the same frequencies found naturally in the Earth, and causing a natural interaction with the watch’s battery, Philip Stein Teslar watches actually keep the body in a peaceful state, unaffected by the many damaging frequencies that surround us all day.  When you wear a Philip Stein watch, you can actually eliminate the effects of unseen electromagnetic “pollution” and become more relaxed, energetic and focused.

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