Electromagnetic Fields – A Public Health Threat

If you stay informed about what’s going on in the scientific community, you may have already heard about several studies being conducted on the potential health impact associated with increased use of mobile phones.  But you may not be aware of the research underway that adds other electronics to the list things that are potentially hazardous. 

  • Actually, one of these studies, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) has been underway since 1996. 
  • Some of the key findings of their study on electromagnetic frequencies are published on the WHO web site, but I will summarize them here.
  • Even at low frequencies, some external electric and magnetic fields can induce small circulating currents within the human body.
  • The primary effects of radio frequencies (used in cell phones) is the heating of bodily tissues, but there is continuing concern about RF exposure to the head, due to the small radiating antennas within most mobile phones. 
  • Any electromagnetic field, regardless of frequency, represents one of the fastest growing environmental influences, and given the advances in technology, even a small health effect could have a major impact on public health.
  • Without a doubt, short-term exposure to very high levels of electromagnetic energy can be a health hazard, but concerns have also been expressed about extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields because they have been linked to an associated risk of childhood cancers.

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