Enjoy Life More in the New Year with a Philip Stein Watch

Ah, the holidays. Even before the gifts are unwrapped and the 24 hour Christmas music comes to an end, we often find ourselves reflecting on the highs and lows of the passing year.  Taking a few days off from work and spending time with family is a great way to remind ourselves of what’s really important in life, and start setting some personal goals for the New Year.

This past year taught me one very important lesson.  Positive thinking and a great attitude can make the difference between success and failure in almost any pursuit, and I need to spend a lot more time working on my attitude.

Having great intentions and actually following through on them are two different things, and I didn’t realize this until a good friend gave me some much needed advice.  She bought herself a Philip Stein watch last Christmas and said it helped her to get through some really difficult times in 2009.  She had already resolved to think more positively and start taking better care of herself, but she said if it were not for her Philip Stein watch she would have failed within the first few weeks of the New Year.

How does wearing a Philip Stein watch help you think more positively, I asked her? After all, isn’t it just a fancy timepiece?  She quickly corrected me and said no, it contains frequency technology and strengthens the body’s ability to handle stress.  She said it does this by emitting a frequency that is the same one found naturally in the earth, and interacting with the body’s natural bio-field to unblock key energy meridians.  This whole interaction takes place constantly the entire time you wear the watch, which protects the wearer from conflicting electromagnetic fields, also known as “electronic pollution”. 

My friend claims that thanks to her Philip Stein watch, she now can stay calm in stressful situations, sleep more soundly at night, and have more energy to accomplish her goals. But the best part is, she seems to be in a great mood all the time.  I could use some of that positive energy in my life too, so I’ve resolved to start the new year out right with a Philip Stein watch.

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