Exposure to certain electromagnetic fields could be dangerous

Think about it.  We wake in the morning and microwave our coffee, blow dry our hair, watch the morning news and hop into a computer-powered car.  Then, many of us sit in a temperature controlled office within arm’s reach of a computer all day.  We talk on cell phones, listen to music and even watch television in elevators.  Needless to say, most of us are lucky to find a few minutes a day when we are not exposed to a jumbled mix of electromagnetic fields. 

What does this level of exposure do to a person over time?  Truth is, nobody knows, but many scientists and medical professionals think it must be causing an imbalance in our bodily functions.

In the 21st century, man-made electromagnetic fields have been steadily on the rise, thanks to our ever-advancing technologies.  Whether we are at home or at work, we are exposed to a complex mix of electric and magnetic fields.  Scientists who study this topic will tell you that exposure to electromagnetic fields is nothing new, but there is very little research to show how high doses of electromagnetic energy will affect us over time. 

However, Zen masters and those who study Eastern medicine are far more in tune with the flow of energy in the body, and how an impasse of our body’s energy flow can cause stress and anxiety.  Because they believe in energy healing by unblocking the body’s chakras, the science behind frequency technology makes perfect sense to them.  Unfortunately, Western medicine hasn’t caught up to their line of thinking, which has created some striking philosophical differences between East and West.

Enter the Philip Stein watch company, best known for their Teslar watches.  By wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch, one can become surrounded by the natural frequencies that are found when the body is in synch with the Earth (7-9Hz).  Embedded natural frequency disks interact with the body’s natural electromagnetic field to inform the body to relax and repel the stress-causing frequencies that emanate from our electronic world. 

While skeptics may presume that any invention that validates a form of Eastern medicine is invalid, a team of global scientists has been studying the impact of electromagnetic exposure for thirteen years.  Truth is, wearers of Philip Stein Teslar watches pay little attention to so-called “Philip Stein watch scams”.   (It’s hard to get too worked up about things like that when you’re wearing a watch that makes you feel so relaxed.)

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