Frequency Technology: Features And Benefits

5385024What are the benefits of using frequency technology? According to researches, healers, and therapists, the body maintains wellness when it is resonant with the frequency of the earth, which is between 7-9Hz. Modern life with its many technological conveniences brings us disruptions in the way of pressure, stress, and disturbances. This can alter our frequency and take us out of the optimum wellness range.

Frequency technology restores and improves the natural flow of energy in our bodies which gets disrupted by environment, pressures and stress of modern life. Single Frequency Technology, or SFT, uses two chips simultaneously which create a frequency from between 7-9 Hz. Multiple Frequency Technology uses an alloy disc programmed with multiple natural frequencies in addition to the 7-9 Hz range.

By utilizing frequency technology on a regular basis, it is possible to keep the body in alignment with the natural frequency of the earth, which researches, therapists and healers believe the human brain and body function most efficiently. This leads in many cases to lower stress levels, better sleep, and an improved sense of well-being. Some who suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia report lessened symptoms of pain and anxiety, and migraine sufferers report a reduced number of migraines, as well as a reduced level of headache.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or, like most, have stress and pressure in your life, frequency technology can help you feel better.

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