Learn More About Frequency Technology And Philip Stein Watches

psteinUnsure what all the hubbub is about when it comes to Teslar technology and the Philip Stein watch craze? It’s all here for the viewing, with simple explanations of how Teslar technology and frequency therapy are supposed to work. Essentially, we are talking about electrical impulses that occur constantly in our environments and within our own bodies, but which actually clash with each other when we are exposed to a variety of them as we are on a daily basis. The result is said to be a state of unrest, possibly leading to other health problems or weaknesses.
Teslar technology is said to counteract these negative effects by “clearing” the bombardment of these numerous electromagnetic fields by re-setting the body’s natural rhythm balanced to the earth’s own electromagnetic field. Sound complicated? Well, the science of it may be somewhat daunting, but the testimonials from wearers of these watches continue to pour in. Wearers indicate improvements in everything from sleep quality to physical energy, with a reduction in everything from chronic pain to anxiety attacks. Is it possible that wearing a particular timepiece can actually bring about these extraordinary benefits? It appears so, as the random testimonials come from consumers with nothing to gain by shading the truth.
Simply stated, Philip Stein may be onto something here. Perhaps informed consumerism is the key to the whole issue, as individuals do the research for themselves and then decide whether to give it a try.

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