The Frequency Technology Scam: Don’t Get Suckered

655610Philip Stein Teslar watches carry a rather large claim that other watches do not. In addition to providing the correct time for the wearer, it claims to have a “healing” effect by emitting a 7-9Hz frequency which strengthens the body and protects it from low frequency pollution, such as cell phones, computes, microwaves, power lines, and the like. The company features 77 different models of the Teslar watch, ranging from expensive to very expensive, and from a simple design to featuring diamond bezels and gemstones. The question is, does it really work?

Many celebrities have jumped on the Philip Stein bandwagon, from Madonna, to Jack Nicholson, to Oprah, and as a result has given Philip Stein’s profile legitimacy. Many people claim that the watch calms them down, helps them feel less stressed, and even in some cases reduce the effects of ailments such as migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.

Has science back this up? Some doctors have backed the watches, as well as alternative health professionals and spiritual believers, but where is the science to really back this up? Why is it that only some people feel the effects, and not all people? Could it be that it serves as a type of placebo effect? Are people being suckered by this frequency technology? The answer is not yet known, but one thing is for sure, Philip Stein reputation has a golden reputation. The owners of Philip Stein watches would not settle for anything less.

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