Frequency Technology

Frequency Technology: The Innovation Behind Philip Stein Watches

It is a rare occasion – only once every few generations – that the watch industry is influenced by an innovation so profound that it can actually change the way people feel about time.  Thanks to the invention of Philip Stein’s Frequency Technology watches, the world of timepieces has been forever changed.

The fact that stress can seriously damage our health and our mental outlook is undeniable.  The founders of Philip Stein watches were aware of this, and wanted to create a product that would thwart this perpetual attack on our collective “chi”.  Together with the creators of frequency technology, they began developing a solution to this problem by creating a stress-reducing frequency-based chip that you can wear on your wrist.

Frequency technology isn’t new.  It was developed in 1986 by a well-known group of scientists, who later patented TESLAR chips that can be worn within a watch.  These chips were specially designed to emit a unique signal, known as the “TESLAR effect”; a signal can strengthen the body’s natural defenses through an interaction with its natural electromagnetic energy field.  After several years of testing the “Teslar Effect” they were able to harness this frequency technology to help wearers resist the negative effects of daily stress, including hectic work environments, poor sleeping habits, and the “electronic pollution” emitted from cell-phone waves and computers.

The founders of Philip Stein perfected this concept and began offering frequency technology as the main feature of their luxury watches.  Testimonials began pouring in, especially after Oprah Winfrey was given a Philip Stein watch as a gift from Madonna.  Then Rupert Murdoch started singing the praises of Philip Stein’s frequency technology, and the rest is history.

But does this “frequency technology” really work, you might ask?   Frequency-based technology is based on some of the premises of Nikola Tesla, known as the “father of physics” and Winfried Otto Schumann, a physicist who discovered that the earth’s frequency ranges between 7-9Hz. Many scientists have since come to believe that 7-9Hz is also the frequency that the human body needs to reach optimal health.

Utilizing alloy chips and disks that mimic the earth’s frequency, Philip Stein’s watches help balance the energy flow of the wearer and reduce stress.  In other words, Philip Stein’s watches are more than just a fashionable timepiece – they help us avoid stress by keeping our bodies in harmony with the earth’s natural rhythms.