Get an Early Start on Holiday Shopping with the Philip Stein Wine Wand

Okay, so you’re looking for that memorable gift for the person who has everything, right?  While these “hard to shop for” types can be fun to hang out with, buying them a gift is always a challenge.  It takes creativity, decisiveness, and an eye for novelty… or, you could just get them all a Philip Stein Wine Wand

The Philip Stein Wine Wand is an elegant, pocket-sized gadget that will make an impression on even your most jaded friends.  Originally created for the wine enthusiast, these unique and beautiful instruments are also a scientific marvel and one of a kind conversation starter. 

They work by accelerating the aeration process in a bottle of wine, cutting it down from a few hours to a few minutes.  Using Philip Stein’s patented frequency technology; the Wine Wand emits the same frequencies as oxygen, and infuses them directly into the wine when the wand is immersed in a glass or bottle.  Wine connoisseurs around the world have tested this device, and while they were skeptical at first, no one could dispute that the Wine Wand works like magic. 

The oxygen-like frequencies quickly and easily remove all the sugars, alcohol vapors, tannins and acidity that are hidden within a bottle of newly opened wine.  Usually this aeration process takes several hours, and most wine lovers wouldn’t think of drinking a glass of wine that hasn’t been aerated properly.  But with the Philip Stein wine wand, there is no need to wait.  All the remnants of fermentation are gone in just minutes.

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