Get the Best of Both Worlds – Get a Philip Stein Bracelet!

If you’re like me, you are someone who wears a vintage watch with sentimental value, or maybe you would rather keep track of time by checking your cell phone every five minutes.  Either way, you are probably not in the market for a new luxury watch.  But maybe you are tempted to try out the Philip Stein frequency technology watches, because you’ve heard all about their calming effects.  Well, it’s true you would be missing out on much-needed stress relief if you didn’t wear a Philip Stein watch, so what do you do?

The answer is a Philip Stein fashion bracelet.  Embedded with the same natural frequency technology that is in every Philip Stein watch, the bracelets offer another way to build your resistance to stress, sleep more soundly and rescue yourself from electronic pollution. 

An elegant piece of jewelry on their own, the bracelet collection hides a discrete natural frequency disk, which is infused with all the frequencies found in nature’s most harmonious state.  Worn on the wrist, the disk exposes the wearer’s bio-field to these frequencies and informs the body to relax.   

Like all of Philip Stein’s watches, the bracelets balance the body’s energy, allowing the wearer to experience more restful sleep, less stress, and a calmer mental outlook. Wearing a Philip Stein bracelet, you are more in harmony with the natural earth, creating a healthier version of you.



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