Go Minimal with a Modern Philip Stein Bracelet

For those of us who have become slaves to our cell phones, it has become increasingly easy to walk out of the house without a watch on.  After all, when we can’t stop staring at our Blackberry screen it’s easy to keep track of the time.  But there is a certain stylish associated with wearing a watch, and most find they need to wear something on their left wrist.  If not a timepiece, then consider a Philip Stein bracelet.  These can be worn by themselves, on the left wrist, or on the right wrist as a singular piece of jewelry. 

What will a Philip Stein bracelet do for you?

Well, you may be someone who wears an heirloom watch or another timepiece with sentimental value, but you’ve heard about the calming effects of Philip Stein Teslar frequency technology and you want to benefit from it without switching watches.  Or, perhaps you just don’t like wearing a timepiece, because you rely on your cell phone or computer for keeping time.

A Philip Stein Teslar bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry on its own, but we all know that isn’t the only reason people like to wear them.  Like all of Philip Stein’s watches, the bracelets balance the body’s energy, allowing the wearer to experience more restful sleep, less stress, and a calmer mental outlook. 

Frequency technology is delivered to the wearer through a discrete metal disk, hidden inside the bracelet, which is infused with frequencies that exist when nature is in harmony.  When these are worn on the wrist, it exposes the bio-field of the wearer to these frequencies, informing their body to relax and enabling them to be more resilient against stress.   When you wear a Philip Stein bracelet, you are more in harmony with the natural earth, creating a healthier version of you.

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