Happy New Year! Time to make resolutions and stick to them.

Chances are, today is one of those days that you let yourself sleep in a little after a night of ringing in the New Year.  If that’s the case, then you probably feel rested and ready to set aggressive goals for 2010.  Not so fast!

If you want to maintain the calm and rested feeling you have today, you need to do more than just set resolutions.  You need a tool to help you make them a reality.  Now is the time to give yourself a gift; one that will keep you focused, centered, and relaxed all year long.  You need a Philip Stein timepiece.

Wearing a Philip Stein watch, with active Teslar technology, will reinforce your body’s energy field with the natural frequency of the earth.  This frequency is associated with relaxation and a calm, meditative state, but also with enhanced mental and physical performance.  Known as the “Teslar effect”, Philip Stein watches will give you the edge you need to succeed in your personal goals. 

Fans of Philip Stein watches say it has changed their well-being, energy levels and mental performance, helped them sleep better, and improved their overall health.  They report feeling less tense, more relaxed and in a better mood, even after wearing it for only a week. 

Despite increased exposure to electronics, it is possible to bring your body back in synch with the Earth.  Wearing a Philip Stein watch will do more than that – it will give you the power to reach for the stars!

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