How can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein watch?

If you’ve been paying attention to the “buzz” about Philip Stein watches, you may already know that the company has been dealing with a number of bloggers who claim the watches are nothing but a “Teslar scam”.  Some of these web sites even say that Philip Stein no longer uses a “Teslar chip”.  This has caused a number of inquiries with the company from people who feel they might have been scammed too. 

So, how can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein?

Well, first of all you probably spent a fair amount of money on it.  You either purchased it from a Philip Stein boutique, or from a high-end retailer like Neiman Marcus.  The Philip Stein web site provides a list of authorized retail locations, so if the store where you bought yours isn’t listed, then it is probably a fake. 

Your watch will say Philip Stein on the dial.  If the words “Water Resistant” are on your watch, then it is definitely not a real Philip Stein watch. 

A real Philip Stein Teslar watch will have a small clasp that allows for an easy switch of watchbands.  It will not have the standard pins that most watches use.  If you see pins instead of a clasp, your watch is definitely a replica.

Finally, if your watch is genuine it will have two chips embedded into the case.  Surrounding these chips will be the words “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see these words on your chips, you don’t have the real thing. 

Don’t be fooled by all the Philip Stein Teslar scam web sites.  They are obviously written by people who have purchased a replica watch and feel they are being scammed by the company.   While it is true they were scammed, they should be aiming their criticism at the replica watch retailer where they purchased it, not the Philip Stein watch company. 

Now you know.  Spread the word!

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  1. I ordered my philip stein signature watch from the company website. Unless they sent me a fake your write up is incorrect. My watch has “3 ATM WATER RESISTANT” on the case back and around the chips it says “MULTIPLE FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY MFT”

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