How do Philip Stein watches shield wearers from harmful EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are just now becoming a major public health concern for Americans.  It’s too bad that it took a recent report from the World Health Organizations about cell phones and brain tumors to bring the EMF threat into the forefront.

EMFs have been known to cause a wide range of health hazards, including insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  They have even been linked to many childhood cancers.  With all the recent media coverage, people are finally starting to ask how they can protect themselves from what is known as “electronic pollution”. 

Interestingly, frequency technology has been around for several decades, but very few people were aware of its benefits.  Since 2002, the Philip Stein watch company has been using this technology in all of its luxury watch collections. 

It all started when Nikola Tesla, inventor of the alternating circuit, began to discover that natural longitudinal (or scalar) waves could be used for global communication and the transmission of energy.  Using some of his findings, as well as other scientists in the field of electromagnetic, the Teslar chip was born.  This chip, which is now used in every Philip Stein Teslar watch, works in conjunction with the watch’s battery and a timing coil to create a new electromagnetic field around the body. This new field bolsters the body’s naturally occurring energy field and acts as a shield against external electromagnetic pollution. 

The net effect is a quiet, peaceful sense of overall well-being, free from the constant onslaught of extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields found in our modern, high-tech world.

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