How is a Philip Stein Teslar watch different than a Magnet or Medallion?

For many years, “new agers’ have relied on all forms of energy healing, chiropractic, acupuncture and vitamin supplements to help them feel better.  One of the more popular trends in new age health has been wearing a magnet or medallion that emits a natural frequency.  This trend was based on the belief that this frequency would realign the bio-field of the wearer and make them feel more relaxed.  However, what usually happened was the wearer felt better for a few days, only to find the stress creeping back in little by little.  The reason magnets and medallions didn’t work as well as expected was because the body became accustomed to the frequency they projected, which ultimately made them ineffective. 

The difference between today’s Philip Stein Teslar watches and bracelets is that the frequency doesn’t remain stagnant – it is constantly changing.  This means they not only realign the bio-field of the wearer, they continue to do so throughout the day.  By emitting a signal that is between 7 and 9 Hz, the body cannot just adjust to it.  The result is that the wearer of Philip Stein watches is able to maintain a state of calm, focused, relaxation as long as they continue wearing the watch. 

Philip Stein watches are also much more attractive than magnets or bracelets.  They come in a wide variety of metals, faces, and bands, most with a dual time-zone face, and they are considered one of the higher-end luxury watch brands available.

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