How is the body affected by electronic pollution?

As creatures of the earth, human beings are very sensitive to any shifts in the atmosphere and our cosmic environment, including the cycles of the moon, barometric pressure and the ocean’s tides. So it should come as no surprise that we would also be impacted by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Electromagnetic frequencies can affect the pineal gland, as well as hormone production, sleep patterns and resistance to stress. The all-important neuro-hormone, melatonin, is often not produced in the absence of exposure to the earth’s natural resonance.

One of the biggest threats to in our environment is less noticeable than pollution, but can be far more damaging. It is the marked increase in pulsed microwaves and low frequency electromagnetic fields that come from electronic devices, computers, appliances and mobile phones. Overexposure to these frequencies can inhibit the body’s natural ability to resist stress, anxiety and depression. It can also suppress the production of important hormones and block the flow of energy throughout the body, causing undue stress on the body.

Philip Stein watches use frequency technology to combat electronic pollution.

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